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License Plate Door Decs. Choose the state your resident is from Choose the style of license plate you like Press Make License Right Click on the graphic that is created and choose copy (continued below). These resident assistants would have made your dorm life so much better. Posts about Door Decs written by UNT Housing. Bruce RA. most crafty creative kylee. Most Crafty/Creative Door Dec Kylee Acoba, Maple RA. mark overall.

door decs for residence halls 2A presentation to inform RA’s on the importance of setting the tone of their floor/building through visual cues. Making door decs for the residence hall with glawesome. Scooby Doo themed! Alas, that’s not a far cry from how the residence hall staff at Seton Hall University (SHU) in New Jersey is tackling a spate of vandalism in SHU’s Xavier Hall: not only emptying common areas of all postings, but even ordering students to remove all decorations from their doorways.

Residence Hall Door Dec. Uploaded by user. Door Decs For Residence Halls doortags – Old Nickelodeon characters. paint swatch door decs.

Bulletin Boards, Door Decorations And Setting The Tone By Virginia Webb On Prezi

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Resident Assistant Door Dec Templates