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Yes, accidents can occur, but they also can while sitting on your couch. Often times, pull-up-bar injuries occur when guys are using too much momentum and the bar actually becomes unhinged from the doorframe. This should be pretty self explanatory, but never use momentum to perform pull-ups, and never shut your door on the bar. Thread: Iron Gym Pullup Bar incident. Sorry about your accident. The Iron Gym (and most doorway pullup bars like it) use a cantilever system to stay in place. Has anyone ever had a doorframe pullup bar fall/fail during use? If you pull from the backside of one of those door mounted pullup bar it may fall.

door pull up bar accidents 2We expirienced a horrible accident yesterday. One of our athletes was doing pull ups and the bar sheared off at the connection and he fell with the bar and hit his head on a box. It is fairly sturdy, however, accidents can happen and it is not recommended to use it if your pull-ups involve swinging or a wide range of motion. There are countless videos showing door frame pull-up-bar accidents.

There are countless videos showing door frame pull-up-bar accidents. Should I get a doorway pull up bar or a ceiling mounted pull up bar? There are countless videos showing door frame pull-up-bar accidents. I actually achieved my first unassisted pull-up by accident in June 2008. You cannot expect to get a pull-up if you are not strength training or never get on a pull-up bar.

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door pull up bar accidents 3Long gone are the days of flimsy, questionable door-jamb pull-up bars, and with them any excuse to avoid programming gymnastics into your home gym routine. To prevent accidents, place a heavy object on both sides of the door when doing pull-ups. If you have nothing but dip bars or Australian pull-up bars, you can still do pull-ups from those, simply raise your legs out in front of you. Over the door pull up bars? (muscle, lift, gym, build) User Name Remember Me Password Register Please register to participate in our discussions with 1. Doorway Gym – Chin Up bar – Your Store Online. I am afraid of the crash that would ensue. There are many different types of doorway pull-up bar designs out there, and most of them are either screwed into the frame or are held via leverage. Pull-up Training Crash Course. Buffer Trim Molding Protection Strip Scratch Protector Car Door Crash Bar. Maybe german hangs, but I would not trust it with BL, FL and skin the cat. I have seen too many accidents where they fall down.

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