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JB Kind Doors offer a core selection of the most common door sizes from stock and if you have a non-standard size requirement,bespoke sizes can be ordered. Below are standard sizing documents organized by product category. We welcome inquiries related to special or incremental sizing capabilities at 800-JELD-WEN (800-535-3936) or find a store and speak with your local dealer. ADD 2-1/2 INCH IN WIDTH AND 1-1/4 INCH IN HEIGHT TO THE ACTUAL SIZE FOR OUTSIDE BRICKMOULD DIMENSION. ) Grand Grand Glass Company.

door size chart 2At unique doors we’ll do anything we can to make the job that little bit easier. We hope our size conversion chart helps, but remember if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the site. See the differences between the available sizes in pet doors from Havahart. Which pet door is best for your home? We also offer custom made doors of almost any size. Use the chart above to translate the tip to tip measurement into a door size and order the appropriate size flaps.

Sizing chart technical data and finish frame dimensions. 1-1/2 jamb material add 1/2 to width per door PR S/L (double door add 1/2) add 1/4 to height. Use our online door sizing tool to immediately find the correct model for your needs. Use this useful garden door window size chart to assist with your planning from Brown Window Corporation, Vaughn, Ontario – (905) 738-6045.

Size Conversion Guide

Carefully measure from wood door jamb (brickmold) to wood door jamb. Measure for the opening in three places vertically and horizontally – use the smallest of each of the three measurements – see diagrams at left and below. Standard Size Chart Nominal Door Size Fits widths between Fits heights between 32 x 80 31 3/4 – 32 5/8 79 3/4 – 80 5/8 33 x 80 32 3/4 – 33 5/8 79 3/4 – 80 5/8 34 x 80 33 3/4 – 34 5/8 79 3/4 – 80 5/8 34 x 82 33 3/4 – 34 5/8 81 3/4 – 82 5/8 36 x 80 35 3/4 – 36 5/8 79 3/4 – 80 5/8 Some sizes shown may be special order.

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