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Hold the strike plate over the mortise and score its outline with a utility knife. TIP: If the mortise is too deep, cut a cardboard shim to bring the face of the plate flush with the edge of the door. The Ryobi Door Latch Installation Kit is a simple solution for installing door latches. This tool scores and chisels round or square latches and features an integrated screwdriver to install latch plates. Maglocks is a certified manufacturer and distributor of card access control systems, door access control, electronic lock, electromagnetic lock, magnetic door locks, electric strikes, electronic door locks, delayed egress locks, electrified mortise locks, security access controls.

door strike installation 2A Quick Installation Guide of How To Install an Electric Door Strike for your Home or Business. Replacing your door hardware? Learn how to easily replace your old latch, or install one on a new door. Installing a door latch is really quite simple, if you have the right tools. Door latches come in various configurations; but the most common are a drive in tubular latch, or a latch with attached mortise plate. Electric Door Strike InstallationStrike LockShenzhen Nordson Electronic Co., Limited.

When a slab door is not pre-hung, you’ll likely need to drill the holes in the door and cut the mortise for the strike plate in the door jamb. Select a door without pre-drilled holes when you need to install a door handle that isn’t the traditional 36-inches above the bottom of the door.

How To Install An Electric Door Strike

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How To Install Handles & Strikes On New Doors