Doors And Rooms 2 2-20 Sample Plans PDF

The barriers between you and your freedom are a laser wall and a door. Our guide show you step-by-step to escape Doors & Rooms 2 Ch 2 Stage 20. This walkthrough features chapter 1 stage 20 of D&R 2. You are trying to enter a temple by using items that you find in the area. Solve the secret and escape to the temple by getting a gemstone and a password to unlock the stone door. Doors and rooms 2 2-20 solutions: get the police badge on left table and look at the number: 1739 use these number to open the bag on floor get the key and clock hand inside use the key to open the armory for a shotgun use the shotgun to shoot on the laser panel on the right side to turn off the laser pick up a note in front of the door for some square color hint.

doors and rooms 2 2-20 2Gameday have launched an amazing sequel for an amazing game: Doors and Rooms 2, a brilliant room escape puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad. Doors and rooms balance cheat Walkthrough 100 doors 2 Level 43 44 45 46 47 On 22.2.14 By: Ajun Hamzun Label: 100 Doors. 100 Doors 2 Level 43 Solution See the instructions on the right. The sequel we were waiting for is here. Doors and Rooms 2 is a type of game that should be installed on your device because of its excellent gameplay and very smooth and beautiful graphics.

Doors And Rooms 2 video walkthrough by Sulthan464. 44 videos on playlist. Doors And Rooms 2 video walkthrough guide. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. TAP the button on the top left 2. TAP the button on the bottom left 3. TAP the button on the top right 4. TAP the button on the bottom right. Doors And Rooms 2-13 Chapter 2: Secret Door Stage 2-13 Doors & Rooms Level 2-13. Find out what’s behind each and every door as you proceed through the series of elaborate rooms you are trapped in. Do you have what it takes to be a true detective, and think your way to escape? The 3rd update is completed, Flex your brain muscles with the 3rd update.

Doors And Rooms 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough: Level 1 To Level 5

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Doors And Rooms 2 Walkthrough By Sulthan464 Game Video Walkthroughs