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I’ve seen the Door Gym and that looks promising, but I’m wondering if there’s anything less expensive (yes I know it’s only about 40 plus shipping) and less gimmicky. 10 bars state that they can be used WITHOUT the screw mount too, but I’m not sure how sturdy that would necessarily be (I’m about 165lbs or so). You want something like this that uses the door frame to support the weight. What are the best pull up bars without screws? Home Gym: Can you install a doorway pull-up bar if your door frame is the same width as the wall’s?. Read reviews of 5 pull up and chin up bars that you can use at home to shape your back, biceps and upper body. It’s an inexpensive and highly effective way to get more exercise at your home if you’re too busy to go to the gym. Pull Up Bar fits door frames from 24 to 32 inches without screws.

doorway gym bar no screws 2The bar itself leverages against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to the door, meaning it both installs and can be taken down in seconds. We like the Perfect Pull Up Multi-Gym doorway pull up bar for a few big reasons. The grips extend to the outsides of your doorframe, not inside it. Installation is fairly simple as this gym quality, top pull-up bar comes with all the supplies needed to install. No damage is done to the door or frame from screws or brackets and no need to drill holes, no measuring.

A doorway pull up bar may or may not be your best option. Telescopic pull up bars can also cause minor damage to your frame as either you need to screw in the fixing caps to the frame, this requires screwing holes in the frame, while the holes are small they can be unsightly if you decide to stop using the bar you’d need to fill the holes and repaint if you decide to take the caps off again. Great At-Home Pull-Up Bar (no screws required!). The bar sits on the door frame, and is held in place by the small silver tab. Iron Gym Ab Straps. Google Door Gym they’re great, I have two. I have one that doesn’t even require screws. not a single one.

Top 5 Best Door Frame Pull Up Bars

doorway gym bar no screws 3I’ve been using an Iron Gym bar that holds on to the door frame for 1 year+. You just easily mount it on your doorframe, no screws or nothing. Fits standard residential doorways (32 to 36 inches wide) and supports up to 315 lbs Installs in seconds and uses leverage to hold against the door – no screws or damage to door. That means no screws and no damage to your door surrounds. Make sure you check out our complete Iron gym pull up bar review in this article. Check out this article to learn about the newest Iron Gym bar, our Ultimate body press wall mounted pull up bar review. The pull up bar installs in your doorway without screws or drilling and supports up to 100kg. Bodymax Chin Bar fits into a doorway without the need for screw fixings to provide a mini home gym, ready for use 24 hours per day 7 days per week It is widely agreed that Pull ups are one of the most effective ways to develop strength and physique in much of the upper body. Find pull up bar no screws ads in our Gym & Fitness category. Pullup Bar with all brackets, screws and hand grips Fits in doorway Out of the way when not in use Just the thing for the home gym If you are not f.

Doorway Pull Up Bar Guide What To Know Before You Buy

Buy GoFit Chin-Up Bar at There is NO screw-type expansion mechanism inside. Using the bar without brackets is not an option.