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My first pen tablet was an Intuos 2 I bought 6 years ago, when I still was a Psychology student and I was starting to color in Photoshop. Wacom tablets work under PC, Mac and even Linux. Find great deals on eBay for Drawing Tablet Mac in Graphics Tablets, Boards and Pens. Shop with confidence. O/S Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS 10.8 and above.

drawing tablets for mac 2The drivers must be able to support the OS you’re using, Windows or Mac. Also check if your drawing software is supported. Most tablets work well with Photoshop. Astro-HQ wants to make that possible with software that transforms an iPad into a Mac graphics tablet. Founders Giovanni Donelli and Matt Ronge are even former Apple engineers. By Matilda Which is the best graphics tablet for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated graphics tablets for Mac.

Mac compatible graphics pads, drawing tablets and pressure sensitive input devices for Apple Macintosh. USB and Bluetooth pen and mouse tablets. Two former Apple engineers have today launched Astropad, an app for Apple’s iPad and Mac computer that turns the former into a drawing tablet for the latter and allows you to use applications such as Photoshop with more precision. Our graphics tablets are compatible with Macs and PC’s and are incredibly easy to set up, so you’ll be up and running in no time. using a graphics tablet feels natural no matter what you use it for.

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Get creative with the superb range of Graphics tablets to buy online. Browse through top brands and models like the Wacom Bamboo and Wacom Intuos. It’s a great value and very easy to use and install on Mac or PC. What is a good and affordable graphic tablet to use with Mountain Lion? Browse other questions & answers in the category Mac OS X Questions; tagged buying tips, computer hardware, mac os x. Air Display developer Avatron Software today launched Air Stylus, an app that allows users to utilize the iPad as a pressure-sensitive, wireless. I recently acquired a Wacom tablet. I love using it, but being the software geek that I am I was eager to find some software to use the tablet with. Graphics Tablet user reviews, ratings, buying advice and price comparison. Trackpad brings Apple’s Multi-Touch technology to Macs running Snow Leopard.

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Graphics tablets are more intuitive than using a mouse or track pad to draw or paint, touch up photos or other images, create a digital signature or handwritten note, or sketch a diagram. Find great deals on eBay for Graphics Tablet Mac in Graphics Tablets, Boards and Pens. Shop with confidence.