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I bought bed bolts for my workbench. Its not the bolts, its the nuts that are special. They are round in cross-section and only require a drill to create the hole for them and no special tools to tighten since the nut can’t move once the bolt is started. I assume you are drilling into the long rails for bed bolts. When doing that, it is difficult to hit the hole for the cross dowel accurately. The trick is to drill the deep holes first, using something like Dan Gonzales’s jig. Here is our complete installation guide for our bed bolts.

drilling for bed bolts 2All four rails are connected by bed bolts, and the headboard floats in mortises in the posts. To install both types of bolt, drill a counterbored hole through the bedpost and into the rail, where it meets either a nut embedded in the rail (for the traditional bed bolt) or a nut and washer in a recess. You would need to make a new pocket closer to the leg, or drill a countersunk hole in the outside ofthe leg into which the head of the bed bolt would fit deep enough to get to the nut in its existing pocket and yet still be able to get the end of the bedbolt wrench on it to tighten. Once the four mortises are ready, ask a friend to help you dry assemble the bed. Mark the locations for the bed bolts and drill through the outside surface of the legs and into the ends of the stub tenons.

Mount the insert into the post and install the bolt into the bedrail. I would need to drill small holes into the head of the bed bolt to allow for tightening with a nail or small screwdriver. I then attempted to drill out one of the bolts but dinged up the bed a little around the bolt. I don’t really want to do this to all of them. I attempted a nut cracker today, but found it near impossible to get any leverage in the tight quarters. I really don’t want to drill any holes in the frame either so I was looking at using these four bolt holes to mount my 15k Reese 5th hitch to.

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Firstly I drilled a hole into the end of the rail for the bolt to go into. It’s important that this is perpendicular to the end face. I use this little drill jig to make the hole as accurately as I can. Now for specific example, if you are using Veritas bench bolt hardware, it measures 1/2 x 6 and the cross dowel is 1 inch in diameter. On the cross pieces, drill the bolt hole first. This is a stop-drilled hole. Bed Bolts from Lee Valley. But the hitch comes with 8 bolts that hold the hitch rails to the bed. The other questions is, why would a person not be able to drill directly into the top of the frame rails to attach the hitch rails rather than having to attach brackets? I realize the holes in the hitch rails do not line up with the tops of the frame rails, but one could drill new holes in the rails. Cargo Bed Sliding Truck Beds and Pick-up Truck Extenders are constructed for easy installation. Install in no time by following simple instructions. Drill the holes in the plywood and attach the bolts.

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