Duplicolor Bed Armor Spray Gun Sample Plans PDF

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It provides a durable, skid-resistant barrier that reduces road noise, prevents rust and simulates the look of a plastic bed liner. For best product results use the Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating Spray Gun. Rejuvenate a truck bed in less time than it takes to install a traditional plastic liner. Kit includes spray gun and one gallon of Dupli-Color, enough to do one 8′ pick-up bed. Duplicolor Truck Bed Coating is a durable, nonskid coating that protects truck beds from impact, scratches, weather and rust. It is a unique black vinyl polymer coating that protects the truck bed and gives the look of a conventional truck bed liner for a fraction of the cost. Duplicolor Truck Bed Coating comes in easy-to-use gallon and quart-size containers to be applied with a spray gun, roller or brush.

duplicolor bed armor spray gun 2Amazing deals on this 124Oz Iron Armor Truck Bed Coating at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices. I tried the Duplicolor bed liner kit over the weekend. I fought the spray gun all afternoon and got one spurt of liner through it. The liner just seemed too thick to siphon up the hose. I used the Duplicolor Bed Armor on a steel tank I built for a street sweeper, to keep the inside from rusting. I couldn’t get it to shoot with their gun at any psi. Do NOT spray or apply over Rust-0-Leum, at least not fresh paint.

The gun would not give a nice consistant spray. I ran out of material and went to Advance to buy a couple cans of Duplicolor bed armor to finish it..for now. Can get a gallon of Dupli-Color bed armor for 69 at Orielys. If I ever do that again I will buy the spray stuff. I used the gun and sprayed it. I’ve sprayed duplicolor on a truck bed. Its looks nice, but isn’t something for high wear. You will need a spray gun designed for spraying liner material.

124 Fl. Oz. Iron Black Truck Bed Coating

U-POL Raptor Black Truck Bed Liner Kit w/ spray Gun Upol 0820 w/Free Shipping! Dupont Dupli-Color Bed Armor Truck Bedliner Kit Roll Brush On 1 Gallon Black NEW. MotoCoat Protect Sprayer offers a portable spray system for applying coatings to automobiles without the need of added equipment. Sprays: Al’s liner, Bullys, Durabak, Dupli-Color (Bed Liner) & Rustoleum Truck bed coating. What type of spray gun can i use to shoot bed armor; normal hvlp gravity feed, hopper gun? and also do i need to thin the bed armor? and if so, with what and what ratio. Dupli-Color TRG102, Truck Bed Coating Spray Gun. 29.99. Compare. Dupli-Color Trg102 Truck Bed Coating Professional Spray Gun – 2.25 lbs.

Diy Bedliner Install W/ Pics