Duplicolor Bed Armor Spray Sample Plans PDF

I know quite a few of us love our spray on bedliner I’ve used the stuff on numerous things and it’s great. Well, I picked up a couple of cans of the Duplicolor Bed Armor aerosol and, well. It’s. Does the aerosol bed armor have a smoother more consistent texture when applied? & 2. I do however like the rattle can duplicolor bed liner. DIY bed liner formulated with DuPont(TM) Kevlar(R). Easy to use water-based polyurethane coating. Brand: Dupli-Color Paint.

duplicolor bed armor spray 2Bed Armor with Kevlar is a water-based, rubberized, polyurethane coating that protects truck beds and other metal, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood surfaces. Bed Armor; Dark Olive; 16.5oz Aerosol. It provides a durable, skid-resistant barrier that reduces road noise, prevents rust and simulates the look of a plastic bed liner. For best product results use the Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating Spray Gun. Of course im too cheap to do a line-x, but ive heard really bad things about DIY spray-ons. Anyone got any pics of their spray-ons? Guy did that liner spray on before on his stock bumper. I used Dupli Color Bed Armor.

Anyone use the Duplicolor truck bed armor stuff? Looking for close-up pics to see the texture difference between the spray can vs the roll-on? Anyone tried it for the tub? I bought a can to test it out. Had an old socket set that came in a small metal case that was pretty beat up. Sprayed it. I sprayed 5 coats of it trying to be careful that the layers were consistent as best I could. It’s been 3 days and sections of it are still soft as if it’s not cured fully but seems to be getting there, although very slowly. Oh well I used duplicolor bed armor.

Duplicolor Bed Armor Truck Bed Liner

Easy fix is to spray the undercoat with a tire or rubber coating like armoral as it soaks in and makes it look like a satin coated paint surface which looks incredible until the next time I shave it off on the next rock which is the real reason powder coating and rhino lining sucks for sliders!! Index cards and Black paint takes 5 minutes, costs 5 and can be done after every rub. I have the duplicolor spray-on bed liner on my bumper and rockers and never had a problem. I know it will flake if you do mulitple coats more than 10 minutes apart. I’ve used rustolem self etching primer and the truck bed liner and it works well on the steel Vandy. Me too, seems like everytime I have tried the different duplicolor cans I have had problems with it spraying correctly. I used the Duplicolor Bed Armor on a steel tank I built for a street sweeper, to keep the inside from rusting. Do NOT spray or apply over Rust-0-Leum, at least not fresh paint. Saw a commercial for the dupli color bed armor. What do y’all think about it? And how hard is it to Make it look good yourself? Or is it just better for me to pay the money for a spray in?.

Duplicolor Truck Bed Armor Close-up Pics. Spray Vs Roll-on