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My Durabak bed liner coating arrived today, I ordered the tan color off Ebay about a week ago. So I thought I’d post a few notes on it in case anyone else is thinking of using it. I have been lookin around for a high quality DIY bed liner. Wondering if anyone has used Durabak or a similar product and what you think of it and how it has held up. I read an online review where the guy used two liner products and he liked the Durabak much better. These reviews are meant to be informative but you should be doing your own research as well. Herculiner Truck Bed Liner holds the top spot in popularity mainly because it was the first do-it-yourself bedliner on the market. Durabak is manufactured by the same company that makes Herculiner and comes in two versions, one with no UV stability and the second version does claim to be UV stable for a 35 premium.

durabak bed liner review 2I purchased and applied a coating called Durabak. Same bedliner I’ve got in my truck. I ran a dealership and we did alot of truck beds (makes used trucks look much better) the line-x looked the best, lasted the longest and looked good after time. Monsta, raptor liner, and durabak are the best DIY kits IMO Line-x and gatorhyde are 2 of the better professionally sprayed liners i found the cheaper stuff like herculiner, rustoleum, ect tend to look like crap when rolled on. From all the reviews and info i can find its more or less the best do it your self stuff. Or if the Durabak won’t stand up to what Rhino or Line-x options are.

Applying a Durabak Bed Liner: Trucks & 4×4: You can have a great quot bed liner quot for way less money than you d think. Comments and results information is available in the Off-Road.com Review. Add protection and value to your Jeep with Durabak, a roll-on bed liner that is simple to apply and is a cost effective alternative to spray-on liners. Thickest, lowest cost, professional grade bedliner. Professional application support for all products. Variable applications – Floors, Body, Truck bed.

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Durabak bed liner Product Review. I’m painting the interior of the little red YJ with Durabak. Started by stipping the interior out. I have about 15 bags of bolts, a pile of parts, two trash bags full of old carpet, and two piles of sweat soaked cloths. Archive Durabak bed liner Product Review. I’m painting the interior of the little red YJ with Durabak. Started by stipping the interior out. I have been shopping around for a truck bed liner for the inside of my free stone guide riverboat. Has anybody ever done a do it yourself bed liner? i just read a few reviews about Durabak bed liners from a few different 4×4 mags. and it looks like a well made product. I’m planing on removing the carpet and roll on a bed liner next month, I’m trying to see which would be the best.:Truck Bed Liners, Photos, How To Applications, Product Reviews.

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