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Red Cedar Trees, Cedar Cabnet. Eastern Red Cedar Fence. There are a number of uses for eastern red cedar for fences. 4 to 6 picket that are dog eared. Contributor K, I understand there’s a demand for sapwood cedar boards that show some heartwood contrast. Our policy when selling ERC round logs for fence posts is to keep sapwood to a minimum. Common Uses: Fence posts, closet and chest linings, carvings, outdoor furniture, birdhouses, pencils, bows, and small wooden specialty items. 30 Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Boards (48 in x 4.25 in x 1/2 in thick). 75.00.

eastern red cedar fence pickets 2Horizontal picket fence – 1 in pickets, western red cedar – we actually did this! Eastern Red Cedar Products saws aromatic eastern red cedar lumber. When properly finished, our Classic Victorian Western Red Cedar Picket Fence will last for decades, even in harsh environments. At home in the outdoors, it has a natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage.

I just pulled a bunch of eastern red cedar fence posts out of the ground. Fence pickets are 11 years old, no ground contact, and it’s been shot. Workability: Overall, Aromatic Red Cedar is easy to work, notwithstanding any knots or irregularities present in the wood. Price/Availability: Large and/or clear sections of Aromatic Red Cedar are much less common, but smaller, narrower boards with knots present are readily available at a modest price. In tree form, it is more commonly called Eastern Redcedar, while the wood itself is usually referred to as Aromatic Red Cedar. Some common uses for Aromatic Red Cedar include: fence posts, closet and chest linings, carvings, outdoor furniture, pencils, bows, and small wooden specialty items. It will be about 1K more if use all cedar material Vs. cedar pickets and treated posts and. A fence post made of eastern red cedar will last a very long time.

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eastern red cedar fence pickets 3Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Wood Specie Physical and Working Properties. Used previously for pencils but primarily used today for fenceposts. Other uses include chests, closet lining, novelties, buckets, shingles, boat building, and other exterior applications. Narrow width, knotty boards with in-line bark is common. Furniture grade Eastern Red Cedar is typically available in 8′ lengths with limited availability in longer lengths. Aromatic cedar, also known as Eastern Red Cedar, is grown in the eastern North American continent. This style Cedar board is often used for decking and fencing, among other exterior projects. Finds all information about Red Cedar Fence Pictures in different sites and blog basing on the search criteria you’ve entered – Searchkita. Click on the photos above to enlarge Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company’s Eastern Red Cedar fencing is economical, environmentally safe, and it is guaranteed to last. Western Red Cedar Picket Fence Kit – Deck Expressions. Web search information about Eastern Red Cedar Fence Posts. Apr 11, 2008 – An older farmer had me cut the heartwood of eastern red cedar into fence posts. He. www.woodweb. Most of the eastern red cedar pickets are 1/2 to 1 thick. Anyone seen or installed pine, cedar, or other soft woods as flooring? Anyone seen or installed pine, cedar, or other soft woods as flooring? I’m used to seeing all oak and maple but I have this idiotic idea to lay down common cedar fence pickets as flooring, sand and. Below is a bunk of Eastern Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar Dog-Ear Fence Pickets for both residential and commercial fence projects. Western Red Cedar has natural tannins, making it resistant.

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Photos of Fence & Deck Depot Inc – St. Charles, MO. Eastern red cedar boards the day they were laid out on my deck. Pretty color. They’ll never look that clean again. Is eastern red cedar fine to use for martin houses. I have used the cedar fence pickets for many purposes, its very cheap, and seems to last much over 10years, probably close to 25 years. Eastern redcedar is probably the most important conifer in Iowa. This accounts for the presence of redcedar along ditches, fence lines, and utility lines. Eastern Red Cedar is one of the most forgiving woods I’ve ever seen. RedcedarFamily: CupressaceaeClassic Victorian Western Red Cedar Picket Fence.

The eastern red cedar is not a true cedar (genus Cedrus), it is actually a variety of juniper and a member of the cypress family. The wood has a natural resistance to rot and insect infestation, and for that reason is often used locally as fence posts. We can find no evidence of use a roofing shakes or shingles, or exterior trim boards; although the wood seems ideal for those uses. Because of its rot resistance, the wood is used for fence posts. Eastern White Cedar Fence wood fencing is the perfect landscape accent that is produced by a company who has manufactured and distributed fence products for over 37 AFSCO uses high quality white cedar wood to custom manufacture our line of wood fence panels.