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Ash. Best known as the wood of classic ’50s Fender guitars, ash is most desirable in the form of swamp ash wood taken from the lower portions of southern-grown wetland trees that have root systems growing below water level. Dense and fairly heavy, with sonic characteristics similar to those of mahogany, walnut is occasionally used in electric-guitar bodies. Bodies + Necks + Wood Electric Guitar at Stewart-MacDonald – your source for guitar parts, tools, and supplies. The electric guitar is one of the greatest icons in music over the last 50 years.

electric guitar wood 2Starting with the Gibson Les Paul electric guitars in the 1950’s and expanding to most factory electric guitars today, hardwood top plates have been laminated to the top of the core body wood for decoration and sound enhancement. Which Electric Guitars Do We Rate As The Best? Manufacturers and guitar players suggest that using a particular shape, or a specific wood material – be it alder, poplar, ash, basswood etc – will produce significant and specific tone variations. Your guide to all the tone woods and timbers used in the construction of electric guitars: Alder, Ash, Basswood, Mahogany and Maple.

The electric guitar and bass tone is influenced by a number of factors amongst which are wood, hardware, type of pickups and their placement along the scale. Building an electric guitar takes a great amount of time, skill and effort. Starting with the best tone woods is essential to achieving the best quality sound, look, and feel. Paul Reed Smith has videos available where he talks about the effect different woods have on the sound of his electric guitars.

Electric Guitar Tops

Good wood is paramount in achieving good tone. With over 30 years of sourcing behind us, we are well connected, and get the good stuff! We have a lot of wood on hand and are able to accommodate many special criteria, be it weight, grain, 1-piece size, etc. What is the best wood to use for a guitar. ik agathis sucks. i have no price range, just wondering what you guys think is best. Don’t use pine for electric guitars. I built this guitar from wood I pulled from a dumpster, as the title suggests, and used mostly hand tools. I did use two power tools, a drill and a dremel.It took me over a month to make, spending on average about 8-10 hours a day on it. The Mitchell MX400 Exotics Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a member of the Exotics series of exotic wood acoustic-electric guitars. This grand-auditorium shallow body guitar features the CE304T pre. Since the earliest days of music, instruments and woods have had a relationship, and electric guitars are no different. The woods used in electric guitars are often referred to as tonewoods.

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