Eurorack Case Dimensions Sample Plans PDF

Wood stripe for the frame ( 80cm+ for a 3x3U, 6cm in depth) 4x square brackets to mount the frame in the suitcase Bolts & nuts So, let’s hunt for the right suitcase. Eurorack format calls for modules of 128.5mm (slightly over 5) height. Horizontal width is measured in horizontal pitch, where 1 HP 5.08mm (exactly 0.2). How to make a DIY 3U Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Case. March 16, 2015 by synthhead.

eurorack case dimensions 2More recently it has become more popular to follow the standard 19 Rack unit systems like the 6U (Wiard), 5U (8. All the parts you need to build a 3U Eurorack row in either Skiff or frame sub-assembly form. This case comes as a DIY kit. It is a great case for the studio without any extra wor. Sizes: 1 row (3U) Width 600mm. Depth 134mm. Height 72mm.

How to build your own cardboard Eurorack modular case. Step 1: Firstly you will need to download the PDF guide with dimensions and template, for making a simple 3U cardboard enclosure – using a pair of 84HP Tiptop Z-Rails, a Tiptop uZeus, double-wall cardboard and tape. When you take on the task of building a Eurorack Case, one of the biggest obstacles is understanding the differences between the Eurorack Rails and the fixings required for each rail. The Eurorack spacing standard between 2 rails is the distance of 3U, which is the equivalent of 5. How to build a diy modular eurorack synth wooden case. I will not go into exact measurements because it really depends on your rails. This is 12u and 126hp ClicksClocks black rails, and i must say they are really good quality.

How To Build Your Own Cardboard Eurorack Modular Case

eurorack case dimensions 3Synthrotek’s Original 7U 84HP Waterproof Eurorack Case is here! Mobile Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases. A single power rail delivers a full compliment of power and the eurorack bus system for up to 26 modules using standard 16 pin keyed power headers. Eurorack modules are 3U in height, which is to say that they are roughly the height of three vertical pieces of rack gear in a standard 19 rack. The shadow case embodies our vision of a slimline airline-friendly eurorack travel case. Standard this 9U eurorack case includes: Case: 9mm CNC cut birchwood with a double sided HPL layer (High Pressure Laminate, like used in flightcases).

How To Build Your Own Cardboard Eurorack Modular Case