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Where to Buy Products Manuals Contact Home Where to Buy Products Manuals Contact. 2007-2016 Tiptop Audio. 20 per 84HP rail. If purchased with 3mm threaded nut strips: nut strips longer than 104HP will have a slight gap between strips. View technical specs for Vector rails here. Please note shipping costs on 150hp Rails and inserts are considerably higher than 84hp and 104hp, please allow 2 extra days to ship 150hp rails and inserts. All the parts you need to build a 3U Eurorack row in either Skiff or frame sub-assembly form.

eurorack rails 2Z-rails are mounting rails for the eurorack modular synthesizer format and are designed to be used for professional and diy case mounting assemblies. z-rails are sold in sets of two (2) aluminum, clear anodized rails, each containing a nickel-plated brass threaded strip with 3mm threads using 5. Eurorack Rails DIY Guide – a run through of important information, including; the different rails available and the fixings required for each rail. Eurorack mounting rails for DIY cases. Rails are available in 84hp, 104hp, and 124hp. Sliding nuts and screws(2.5mm) are included in 25,30, and 35pcs respectively.

All Rails are pre-tapped to accept M5 bolts making assembly a breeze while offering a secure and rigid assembly. Please note that these are not the standard Eurorack 1U height. This entry was posted in Modular Synthesizers and tagged Eurorack, IKEA, modular synthesizers by synthhead. Modular Square rails. TipTop Audio Z-Rails Eurorack Mounting Rails. tiptop_zeus_rack, price: 39 incl. VAT add to cart. This product is in stock now.


eurorack rails 3Vector rails 104HP for DIY Eurorack modular synth cases–If you’re considering building your own case, these are the rails for you! Note: This is for the two Vector 104HP rails and 50 x 2. This is a remix of the Eurorack Lasercut Case 84HP 9U Studio by Nathan John Thompson. My remixed version alters Nathan’s original design to use Tip-Top Z-Rails as opposed to Elby Rails and is meant to accommodate M4 screws as opposed to M5. Rack System Compressor. Rails: +/- 1; Width (HP): 7; Unbalanced inputs; Transformer balanced outputs; Variable gain, threshold, compression ratio & times. Blue Lantern Modules Hot Rails – Eurorack Module – Line level to eurorack level converter / audio to cv / audio to gate.