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Great Cocktail Party conversation plus cocktail recipes, tidbits and lore Ages 21 & up – 25. Which bar serves the best version of your favorite cocktail? Dinner with friends, cocktail parties Spice up dinner conversations Ages 21 & up – 25. The questions can be made up by the Table Topics Master or taken from actual columns. For example, someone says they are a sales person, and the best skill might be being outgoing, or friendly. Ask a Table Topics respondent to pick a slip and ask them the next question on the list.

example table topics questions 2An effective table topics session is composed of questions which are answerable by all, yet do require a bit of thinking to develop an appropriate response. Examples of table topic questions could include:. Table Topics can be far and away the most creative part of the meeting! The most common approach, of course, is to come up with questions related to the meeting theme and ask everyone a different question. Discover thousands of images about Table Topics on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.

But the Northwest and North Division Table Topics questions were even worse!. Good luck repeating the question twice if it is 75 words in length as in the magic stone example above. Do you want to improve your answers to Table Topics questions? We’ve got a system to help you win Best Table Topics time after time after time! Click here to access the page in html format. For example, Tod has Canadian geography listed as his area of expertise. By answering brief Table Topics questions, you learn how to present your thoughts clearly and convincingly, with no more than a few seconds of preparation.

Being The Table Topics Master

During the Table Topics session, when a question has been prompted I only volunteer to respond to a question that I have at least 50 confidence in. For example, in a session that I attended in August, the Table Topics Master shared that his favorite movie quote is, Life is like a box of chocolates and asked the audience to share their favorite movie quote. For new members, Table Topics is that event where you’re thrown in the deep waters and expected to swim or sink. The secret is that you don’t need to answer the question directly. For example:. What are examples of unique Christmas party themes? A table topic is a question asked without notice on a particular theme or subject. In opening you state a point for example, Farmers welcome sunshine after rain.

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