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Plyometric boxes are a fantastic workout tool and are common sight in Crossfit Gyms. For that reason these instructions will be based on a 15 box, but once you understand the basic construction you can easily make plans for any size that you’d like. Circular Saw & Guide – The first step will be to cut a 4′ x 8′ panel down into all the pieces you’ll need to assemble your. Even if you don’t plan to practice jumping, plyo boxes are a great addition to your home gym for other exercises like step-ups and modified pushups. Overview. Versatile pieces of fitness equipment, step boxes can be used at the gym, at home or at your favorite outdoor workout spot.

exercise step box plans 2I may have do a follow up post on making your box safe. An aerobic stepper can help you improve your cardio endurance, strengthen your legs and burn calories. Using Plyo Boxes (Plyometric) can be a good exercise to enhance leg muscles. Making plyo boxes of different heights will allow for changes in difficulty.

Many lower-body plyometric exercises utilize a box of some sort that you jump on and off. Step 3: Do a Preliminary Assembly to Check For Evenness. Without further adoin the words of my amazingly hot and talented husband, here is the step by step tutorial for your 3-in-1 wood plyo box! The box step up is a lower body exercise that targets the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Start by placing one foot on top of the box making sure the entire foot is making contact with the surface.

How To Build A Plyometric Box

exercise step box plans 3The step up is the most basic exercise you can perform on a step box. Download your free PDF Record Sheet Why not join our Members Area so you can have access to thousands of different exercises, workout plans and much more. Incorporate this workout into our No-Fail Fat-Loss Plan to shed even the peskiest pounds in 6 weeks. Jump up, rotating body a quarter turn mid-air to land on the center of the box in a squat position with arms in front of body for balance. 30 DETAILED PLANS CROSSFIT JUMP DIAGRAMS WOOD EXERCISE GYM. So to add ten sets of risers for things like box jumps and high step ups, we are looking at over a 300 investment. Plan B was this 18 x 18 adjustable box from EliteFTS. These adjustable boxes work well for low, high, and parallel box squats, various heights of step ups, deficit deadlifts, hip thrusts, feet-elevated glute bridge, deficit lunges, single leg squats, low plyo box jumps, just to name a few exercises. Do the moves between strength training exercises as an active rest or add them on to the start of a run or other cardio routine. Stand in a split stance with right foot one step ahead of left foot and hips squared (facing forward). Make it easier: If running isn’t part of your game plan, perform this move as a march, using your core to pull your knee toward your chest. Make it harder: Jump in a box formation: forward, side, back, side, then switch directions before hopping on the other side. Step aerobics is a form of aerobic power distinguished from other types of aerobic exercise by its use of an elevated platform (the step). This requires a bit of foresight and planning by the instructor in order to insert a transitional or switching move that maintains the natural alternating weight shift akin to walking.

How To Make A 3-in-1 Plyometric Box