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Select any photo below to view detailed information and pictures. Some species might have multiple names. If you have any questions about a wood that is listed or might be missing, please call us at (888) 814 0007 or e-mail email protected. Woodworking and Craft Supplies for the Hobbiest Hardwood Lumber Exotic Hardwood Lumber. Hardwood lumber supplier Woodworkers Source has all your exotic hardwood and domestic hardwood needs. Woodworkers Source started in 1978 to provide the finest hardwood lumber to all types of woodworkers, from beginners getting started with the craft to long-time professionals.

exotic wood types 2Check out our many exotic woods that you can purchase. Keim Lumber Exotic Wood Library I. Canary Wood, Centrolobium robustum, S. Brazil, Ecuador. Cedar, Spanish, Cedrela odorata, Tropical America. Chac Te Koke, Sickingia salvadorensis, Mexico. Some common exotic species are Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut (Ipe), Purple Heart and Australian Cypress. Exotic hardwood flooring is considered to have a more striking appearance, giving off a more contemporary/modern look.

The exotic wood we bring back for our clients includes all types of exotic Lumber, Flooring, Turning Blocks, Natural Edged Slabs, Luthier Stock for instrument makers and special orders to any specification. Samples of each of our woods are on display. Widest Variety. 165 species. We have a stockholding of spread over 165 wood species from around the world. Fine exotic woods, domestic woods and rare hardwoods are our specialty! Wide selection of exotic wood at great prices. Zebra Ziricote See All 250+ Species With Pictures!

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Exotic hardwood flooring is known for superior hardness, which translates into durability. Most exotic species rank higher on the hardness scale than domestic species, so you may want to consider exotic wood flooring for a busy area like your kitchen or family room. Exotic Wood offers high quality wood products that are available in a variety of wood species including Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Santos Mahogany, Ipe, Cumuru, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, and Kabukalli. Descriptions of specific hardwood flooring species from domestic to exotic, including reviews and recommendations. EXOTIC WOOD: TINEO Also known as Indian Apple, this unique species from South America has golden sapwood when first milled that darkens to a rich American Cherry color within a month or two. Find out how the species of the wood you test affects moisture meter readings, and how you can perform species corrections. The forests of Brazil contain hundreds of different species of trees, and those that are being reclaimed by ATF and ZIB represent the finest hardwoods on earth. ATF is the first company in the world to offer exotic hardwood timber frames to the construction industry.

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Unstable: Many exotic wood species are extremely reactive to changes in moisture, demonstrating substantial expansion and contraction. With over fifty species of exotic woods we stock all the time including woods from South America, South Central America, Africa, Australia, the Far East and Europe. Wood Flooring Species. Swatch Chart. The following comparison chart shows the typical color and graining of some of the most popular species that we stock at County Floors. These pieces of wood are rather a treasure of exotic wood species that I have collected over years of instrument making. I prefer to call myself a wood monger.