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False Books (Faux Books) can be used as Bookshelf Fillers or Bookcase Fillers to improve the Dcor and set the style for your home interiors. Enquire now. 90 PERCENT OF THESE BOOKS WERE WATER DAMAGED! Anne Frank did a pretty good job with an actual bookshelf. More by THE GOOSE: Old Sponge Bob into new sign FAKE ACCESS PANEL No Sew Fleece Tie Blanket JIG. If you aren’t prepared to go headfirst into a woodworking project, you can try out this easy-to-make and removable fake bookcase door with faux book handle.

fake bookshelf books 2Achieve breath taking effects using Faux Books to create antique libraries, swell the ranks of original collections or hide unsightly cupboard & cabinet doors. Perhaps take a look on line at some bookcase designs, a great source for this is www. Because the door falls away from you, the fake shelves and books, should not snag or bind as the door opens and shuts. Find great deals on eBay for Faux Books in School Filing and Storage Items. Shop with confidence.

Bookshelf-Printed Wallpaper That Lets You Have An Extensive Library Without Any Books. When printed books will disappear completely, this type of wallpaper will be the only reminder of the old-fashion libraries. While boxes may be handy for storing clutter, they’re seldom visually interesting. Attaching old book spines to your storage boxes creates faux bookshelves with personality plus. Original Book Works offers a very professional false bookcase door that you can install. I checked the prices of the faux books at Original Book Works and I have to say that the books look very good, but if you look around some you can find the real thing for less.

Faux Books: Faux Book Panels, Faux Book Spines

fake bookshelf books 3A Stylish Vintage Faux Bookshelf Wall Cabinet Books are not real but look very realistic. Brand: Unknown Size: 20 at the tallest point x. I simplified the process so that i could fit books on our unique curved wall. I did end up destroying the books in the process, but i just cared about looks not content. Pages from books used as wallpaper in a cafe in CapeTown. These fake self help books may just be more helpful than the real thing. Lifestyle A guy made a bunch of fake self-help books and snuck them into bookshelves.

Bookshelf-printed Wallpaper That Lets You Have An Extensive Library Without Any Books