Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper Sample Plans PDF

Did UK designer Deborah Bowness start the bookshelf-printed wallpaper craze with her Genuine Fake Bookshelf paper? Above: Brunschwig & Fils Bibliotheque wallpaper at The Tipsy Parson in NYC. Above: White Bookshelf Wallpaper by Mineheart is 70 per roll. Book Shelf Print Library Bookcase Rustic Vintage Wallpaper Roll For Study Room. Bookshelf-Printed Wallpaper That Lets You Have An Extensive Library Without Any Books.

fake bookshelf wallpaper 2Digital & hand silk screen printed wallpaper. Hand made in England Drop Dimensions: 56cm x 330cm Print Measurement: 330cm Pattern Repeat: None Ha. The Artist’s Collection Wallpaper Frocks Utility Chairs Utility Lamps Utility Cut Outs Bookshelves Picture Wall Illusions of Grandeur Flora & Fauna. Bookshelf Wallpaper by Young & Battaglia – White 2.5m Panel. 70.00. Bookshelf Wallpaper by Young & Battaglia – Vintage 2.5m Panel.

This is why this design is probably referred to as the genuine fake bookshelf wallpaper. Whether you place two rolls together in order to form a large bookcase, or create two different units like in the first photo below, the overall addition looks very interesting and original. Depicting a bookcase laden with weighty tomes, this lush wallpaper by Deborah Bowness turns plain jane walls into instant reading rooms. Deborah Bowness has lots of lovely hand-printed wallpaper on her site (realistic pics of salvaged chairs, and walls full of unused frames), but my favorite has to be this fake bookshelf wallpaper.

Wallpaper By Deborah Bowness

fake bookshelf wallpaper 3Bookworm bookshelf replica. Genuine Fake Genuine Fake Bookshelf wallpaper from Deborah Bowness. You can find and browse thousands of house design as well as in-depth architecture picture, photos, and the latest concept house from auto shows across the world at Designhome. Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper is created by Deborah Bowness. Just imagine when someone who didn’t observe that this is a fake bookshelf wallpaper tells you: You have a really impressive books collection. Genuine Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper by Deborah Bowness – Eclectic – Wallpaper – by Deborah Bowness. If you were interested, I found the wallpaper from Abigain Ahern’s amazing house. The papers are hand printed and designed by Deborah Bowness and there are some interesting options, like my favorite Illusions of Grandeur, which features a fake mirror and chandelier. But the walls of the games room were covered with wallpaper of fake bookshelves with piles of old books to replicate something that was naggingly missing.

Cool Genuine Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper