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You should know, but people have been complaining a bit about the bed situation. Can someone tell me why my settlers keep saying this, when there’s beds for all of them?. 7 settlers and tons of beds and keeps getting the sleeping in shifts complaint. For Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Settlers complaining about beds.

fallout 4 settlers complaining about beds 2An early bug that can trip you up is the Fallout 4 bed building bug; don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to get through it. Early on in the game, you’ll run into a group of settlers. They might need to be able to reach them for it to count. Even though the settlers complain about the bed situation, they are all using a bed. We all know for sure every settler needs a bed. Type of bed I don’t think matters, but then again I am not sure, but I did read somewhere on reddit it didn’t matter.

They complain about lack of beds and sleeping in shifts but i have 22 beds. I have 19 beds and 12 settlers, but every time that I leave Sanctuary for more than a few minutes, the Workshops tab under Data has an! next to Sanctuary, and it says that Sanctuary only has 1 bed. And I am not playing fallout 4 until I can find a fix, did you find anything:(?. Separated beds, more than enough food, water, power, defense, and shops. I’ve even made sure that the generators are away from the center of town and when I ask someone what’s wrong, they say that there aren’t enough beds, even though I have 27 built for only 11 settlers. A place for any and all discussion about Fallout 4. Settlers complaining about bed amount even though I have enough, solution? (self. The most common reasons for this is that there is to much stuff crowding the beds so the settlers can’t get into them.

Overcoming The Fallout 4 Bed Building Bug

0. 1. 2. My settlers in Sanctuary keep complaining about the beds, help! (self.fo4). submitted 4 months ago by Casey130xx. 14 settlers with 23 beds. Posts must be directly related to Fallout 4. I got to 100 Happiness while they were still complaining about beds. A place for any and all discussion about Fallout 4. Why do my settlers in Sanctuary Hills keep complaining about a bed situation? A place for any and all discussion about Fallout 4. I can build a bed right beside them and assign them to it and they won’t use it. Sanctuary is the worst settlement for working on happiness. I have 20 settlers in sanctuary, and 35 beds in the settlement. Everytime I talk to a settler they say people are complaining about the bed. A place for any and all discussion about Fallout 4. Rumors, leaks, announcements, fan art, and everything in between are allowed, as long as it’s directly related to Fallout 4. IF YOUR SETTLERS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LACK OF BEDS: it’s not a problem from my mod, it a vanilla bug. Just scrap all of the televisions in your settlement (yes, do it) and they will stop complaining.

Why Is My Settlement Unhappy?

I’m trying to get more settlers in my town I have the radio beacon high charisma both ranks of local leader two bars/restaurants, but my settlement. 90 because for some reason my town of 11 people think 31 beds aren’t enough to go around. Okay, so you’ve been playing Fallout 4 since launch and you’ve wandered the wastes, scoured the ruins of Boston, and swam in the glowing sea. Fallout 4 settlements are clearly designed with a certain type of gamer in mind. If you do not have one bed per settler, your minions will constantly be complaining that they have to hot bunk, and this will seriously affect their happiness levels. Fallout 4: if you find yourself stuck, wanting to rebuild your first few hamlets but not knowing how to, the Guardian is here to help. To keep your settlers happy and productive, and stop them complaining every time you visit, you’ll want to tailor your construction to maximise each need. Settlers will gripe if they have to share beds (apparently it’s not that kind of game), so make sure you have at least as many as you have inhabitants.

It’s like they are there just for a stat. People complaining about sleeping in shifts even though there are 2 beds for every settler and all settlers have been assigned to a bed (over and over). Settlement crafting and maintenance sucks the life out of Fallout 4. A guide to managing and establishing Settlements in Fallout 4 – covers food, beds, defense, scavengers, and supply lines. You must have enough beds for your population – one for each of them – and one for yourself (optional). You’ll see happiness rise, and people will complain less about nowhere to sleep. Even in settlements which do not start with pre-existing beds, it is possible for happiness to suffer without settlers complaining simply because they have not automatically assigned themselves to beds. Exploring the meaning and purpose of Fallout 4’s settlement construction and management with a single character.