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The farm-to-table trend is blowing up right now. Just as every trend, such as gluten free and vegetarian, this one is dominating the market and restaurants are able to draw in new clientele based on featured dishes or menu rebranding. National Restaurant Association – A blooming trend: Gardens are sprouting up at restaurants across the country. The two-hour salad, plucked from the garden, best reflects the restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy. In the spring, the salad highlights the season’s freshest greens. Is the rustic, recycled, borderline ridiculous farm-to-table trend finally over? DuJour forecasts a return to fancy foods and fine dining.

farm to table trend 2There are some amazing trends emerging in a variety of farming operations that will affect where and when your produce is grown. Even hipsters are hating on the pretentious menus, over-moralizing, and hype of the farm to table restaurant scene. Like any sort of trend that is popular, it will keep building on itself to, in some cases, a point of absurdity. A growing trend in restaurants over the last several years has been the farm-to-table model, but for some of the most seasoned chefs in Fairfield and Westchester counties the term is a catchphrase for what they have been doing all along caring about the food they serve and the people who produce it.

It’s a growing trend in the U.S., the farm to table movement. Restaurants team up with farmers, filling menus with fresh local meats and produce. The farm to table trend is also squeezing profit margins of restaurants as increased demand for already-scarce supplies of locally grown products drives up prices. In the past five years, farm-to-table has been a lively theme among local restaurants and farmers. Farm-to-table promotes clean eating and the green movement that guarantees fresh and healthy food within a community.

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You don’t need to restructure your entire menu to get in on the farm-to-table trend. has some cost effective trendy tricks to keep you in the know!. The farm-to-fork movement – sometimes called farm to table or farm to market – is actually a return to an older, more traditional way of getting food on your plate. But the farm-to-fork movement — presently, one of the biggest trends in the nutrition world — stems from a completely different school of thought: one that values quality over ease and accessibility. Trends are cyclical, like 15 years ago everything was about spa food, and ten years before that, everything centered around butter and cream, Ron Dimas, chef de cuis. For several months, Tampa Bay Times food critic Laura Reiley sifted through menus from every restaurant she’s reviewed since the farm-to-table trend began to see if the restaurants’ claims really hold up. Families are beginning to take advantage of the growing farm to table trend, as well. According to a recent New York Times article, New York residents are taking their small urban spaces and maximizing their growing potential. The farm-to-table trend has exploded recently. Across the country, menus proudly boast chicken raised by local farmers, pork from heritage breed pigs, vegetables grown from heirloom varieties.

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If you live in a big city, a number of local eateries will, no doubt, tout the phrase farm to table. It’s a trend that has followed American’s changing taste buds. 29 Dec The Latest Farm-to-Table Trend: Rustic Tableware. Chefs say farm fare pops when served on handmade glazed ceramic or enameled iron and in stone and earth colors like gray and brown.