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Loose tenon joinery – you may find a happy alternative that keeps you out of Festool dollar hell. (This isn’t a strike at the Domino — it’s a VERY good product. Recently there has been a lot of buzz in the woodworking community about the new Festool Domino joinery system. The Domino joint is completed the by gluing loose tenon stock (specifically designed and supplied for the system) into the mortises. In fact, I have been doing loose tenon joinery for years using a basic plunge router and a simple jig. Ingenious competitive/alternate device to the Domino or the Leigh FMT.

festool domino alternative 2An awesome alternative to the 1300 Festool Domino joiner. – Aaron Thomas – Google+. Loose Tenon Joinery: A budget alternative to the Festool Domino The Craftsman’s Path See more about Joinery, Budget and Craftsman. Festool is just too expensive for me to get started with their products. Coincidently, I just blogged about my budget alternative to using the Festool Domino for Loose Tenon joinery.

Domino Alternative. Option A. Since you have been bitten by the festool bug, and intend to get a domino in the future, maybe if you are honest with your local dealer he will let you borrow a domino for the job and then return it? I am not suggesting anything unethical about buying it and returning it, but since you intend to buy one at some point perhaps he will let you demo it at home for a couple of days. There are two things that knock me down about Festool products, the price and the quality. For years the price of these tools has driven me away from purchasing, but now, having grown older and hopefully a little smarter, I’m learning that quality is worth paying for, especially if it meets three criteria: if a tool makes me a better carpenter and allows me to do better work; if the tool makes it easier to do the job, to enjoy my work more; and if the tool is durable, then the investment is worth it. I’ve been looking at the Festool Domino Joiner. There are other alternatives as well, and if you insist you could probably get by with the bisuits.

An Awesome Alternative To The Festool Domino Joiner

Default Festool Domino? As with any tool, there is always an alternative, weigh the need, the budget and go with what’s best suited. Perhaps learn mortise and tenon with homebrew jig and routerwork. I’d certainly consider the ziptool as a fairly inexpensive alternative and I’m a big power tool junkie at heart. Festool DOMINO – the Beauty of Presets – Two More Gems. Festool manufactures power tools that often sell for twice the cost of competitive tools. I think a few improvements are needed since it barley cuts a 4×4, alternative blades, dust bag for when you do need / want the vac and definitely a price check. I listen to the other posts on this forum, and wonder about the jigsaw router and domino, but for the 2 tools I have at this point, the Festools are worth every penny. Learn how to make your own Festool Domino tenons and save yourself money over time. As an alternative, if your planer or surface sander handles thin material well, you could plane the stock to the desired tenon thickness, measuring with a precise caliper, then rip to width on a table saw. The Festool Domino and MFT are truly unique & the vacs are great. If you have an alternative brand whose tools you are demonstrating, I am confident there are scores of people, like me, who will be investing heavily in the brand. I’d like to have the ability to use Festool Domino joinery within my ecabinet designs. I’m sure everyone would agree, that blind dado joinery is too complicated to mill manually, and in My PERSONAL OPINION, the Festool Domino is unmatched and unequaled in terms of speed, accuracy and dust collection -just to mention a few I’m sure this CAN be done, what I would like to know is: where should I start studying, so that I might be able to do this myself?.

Domino Alternative

But in the last few years, some rather impressive innovations have come along that offer a new alternative that is either quicker, stronger or both. Festool’s Domino. I was trying it out for face frame assembly, as an alternative to mortice and tenon. I was a little disappointed. The alternative to pocket hole joinery would be something like the festool domino..but really both these, the domino and pocket holes are the alternatives to traditional joinery. Find great deals on eBay for Festool Domino in Joiners. Shop with confidence.

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