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The Festool Domino takes the best elements from a variety of machines, combines them, and gets rid of those machines’ inherent drawbacks. I’ve been anxious to work with the new Festool Domino, and this face frame for my shop cabinet looks like the perfect application for this new machine. Discover thousands of images about Festool Domino on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Fes Tools, Domino Exploring, Diy Joinery, Festool Domino Projects, Underlying Principles, Festool Fetish.

festool domino projects 2Posts about Festool Domino written by Chris Wong. So far, this project has been a good test of what the Festool equipment can do and it has attracted a lot of attention from customers, whether they were woodworkers or not. The Festool Domino will revolutionize the way you join wood, reinventing mortise and tenon joinery for the 21st century. Rather than tell you which one to get, I’ll tell you instead how I use both, and how depending on the type of work you do, both have the potential to play a significant role in your wood joining projects. Check out this Festool Domino Review (XP500) review from the Woodworkers Guild of America. First, the Domino is capable of cutting much smaller joints than a biscuit cutter, making projects like small jewelry boxes and thin picture frames with the 4 mm loose tenons easy.

Since buying the Festool Domino joiner about a year ago, I have developed some notions from the viewpoint of one who values hand tool woodworking. Festool picked me as one of the few carpenters to get a Domino XL for user evaluation. There are now six stop pins, which provides a lot more options for spacing mortises, which is handy for quickly setting up repeatable cuts on a variety of projects. The Domino DF500 is great for small to medium-scale projects including panels, frames, cabinetry, boxes, and small furniture. The Festool Domino is functionally similar to the classic biscuit joiner.

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Festool Domino Joiners are the most preferred brand of precision, high-quality mortise and tenon systems for woodworking, fine furniture making, cabinetry and more. Be sure to check out dozens of other reviews and projects using the Domino XL for large scale mortise and tenon construction. A recent project. My joints and dominos glued, and all clamped up. Again the Festool Domino was used to create strong and nail free butt joints. I know, this is very late to the party. I recently got a Domino, have nearly completed my first project with it, and have some remarks. Any reason why one would shy away from the domino and go for a biscuit jointer or a doweling jig? (Other than cost). The new Domino XL is a larger followup to Festool’s original handheld slot cutter. Like its smaller brother, this tool is a game changer Woodworker’s Journal Magazine Editor in Chief Rob Johnstone gets an exclusive first look. Woodworker’s Journal 25 Outdoor Projects CD. I want to see if the Festool Domino loose tenon machine was as easy as every one is saying. Using all snug fitting holes made it extremely difficult for me to dry fit and then pull apart my projects to add glue.

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Well the Festool DOMINO is sort of like that. The guy at the back – It’s a barrel grip saber saw!. Here’s a hint about the comparison project – table legs – aprons – all joined with loose tenon M&T joints. I made this video recently, and i wanted to share it with you guy’s!! Window frame with Domino XL It’s my first review ever, so. Posted in: Blogs, deck, Decking, hidden fastener, Festool, domino Add Comment Print. I am just dubious of this idea that tools are for certain builds or projects and that if something works well (really really well in the case of deck building, i mean a deck with no top side exposed screws. The aim of the Festool Domino XL is to make a joinery system to work around your project design and not to design your work around your joinery system.

Festool Domino Joiners are revolutionizing machine mortise and tenon joinery. The Domino XL, introduced in 2012, super-sized the original Domino concept, expanding its applications to larger scale projects.