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The Festool Domino is functionally similar to the classic biscuit joiner. My hope is that you’ll review the facts and specs and decide for yourself what would be best for your shop. Domino XL Projects & Reviews. Back in January of 2012, we selected professionals from hundreds of applicants to become test users for the Domino XL. Check out this Festool Domino Review (XP500) review from the Woodworkers Guild of America.

festool domino review 2Festool picked me as one of the few carpenters to get a Domino XL for user evaluation. Of course no review is good without a gripe or two. Here are several video reviews of the Festool Domino machines in action. We invite you to consider whether one of them might make a good addition to your workshop. Domino DF 500-Plus Joiner Review. The strength of a mortise-and-tenon joint in a hand-held tool is what makes the Festool Domino Joiner DF 500-Plus unique.

Well, I got my hands on one thanks to Christian O. at Festool USA and I had just started preparing the stock for a cherry coffee table so the timing was perfect. As with the Domino, we’ll get into their use a little later in this review. Yet, I can see a lot that the Festool Domino can do and their tools are very well designed. The bottom line is that we are here to objectively review products. In the power tool industry, new ideas are really infrequent. So it’s really exciting to be able to say that Festool has.

Building Doors The Easy Way: The Festool Domino Xl

festool domino review 3The Festool Domino will revolutionize the way you join wood, reinventing mortise and tenon joinery for the 21st century. The Festool Domino takes the best elements from a variety of machines, combines them, and gets rid of those machines’ inherent drawbacks. And all of these reviews were written shortly after the tool’s release, i.e. during the honeymoon phase. Browse and buy Festool Domino Joiner Accessories at the lowest retail price guaranteed + free shipping, at Festoolproducts. This package includes the DOMINO DF500Q-Set and the 1060 Assortment. Features; Specification; Reviews (4). I will update this review as I go along, and at the end I will finalize it with subtitles and editing for ease of reading.

Festool Df 500 Q Domino Jointer