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Filing Cabinet is a new customizable database for iOS that allows you to create custom databases to store any kind of data. Stored data can easily be searched or exported. Throw out your file cabinet and store everything in evernote. EFileCabinet Mobile App for iPad and iPhoneeFileCabinet is an electronic document management system that allows you to upload documents, photos, and videos and access them anytime, anywhere. I like the metaphor of file cabinets for my reference work.

file cabinet app for ipad 2Doxo, a digital file cabinet used to organize and manage all of your important accounts in one place. Notebooks for iPad ratings and reviews, features, comparisons, and app alternatives. Do you have a lot of data to store and you are tired of the mess of files it is leaving you your mobile device? This is a fantastic app for the iPad that allows you to store your own databases, which can be fully customized to your specifications. It has enabled me to go almost completely paperless. It is my virtual filing cabinet. However, I am not crazy about the recent interface changes.

There are dozens of list-making apps on the App Store, each of them designed to streamline the collation and organization of information. Filing Cabinet Free for iPhone falls into the former camp, but does so with a limiting, poorly-crafted interface that makes the app hard to use. If you have an iPad, please download the regular version of Filing Cabinet which allows you to customize and create your own databases. Cabinet is a mobile app for iPad, which allows you to upload, read, annotate, and share the PDF documents in a simple manner. You can either open the file from your email, copy a link from the web, or open the file in the Safari browser directly into Cabinet. Using SmartVault on your smartphone is like having a whole filing cabinet, plus a mail room, inside your pocket and it weighs a whole lot less!. With the SmartVault app for the iPad, you have a SmartVault command center right on your iPad to browse, search, view and share documents.

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best file cabinet app 3This article outlines the difference between File Cabinet Pro and the Mac App Store version of the software. Generate Asset Catalogs for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and CarPlay. This app connects to it and enables file access on an Apple iPad. Windows 7 SP1: Check out this post by Jian Yan on the File Cabinet blog. IPad app launched by Cabinet. Mobile document management application will provide remote access to adviser files and documents held in company’s Safe platform. App Aims: Annotate and Share PDF Files Simply and Easily. The first is to tap once in the middle of your iPad and the menu will come up at the top of the screen. Turn your iPhone into a file cabinet with Quick Capture Cam for iOS. Chicago, Illinois Intersog Mobile, an established mobile application developer, is excited to announce the release of Quick Capture Cam for iPhone 4 and iPad 2 devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. Ever flexible, the app can be utilized to store and manage mobile photos of friends, family, and everything in between as well. My email trash icon turned into a file cabinet and I accidentally deleted emails. When you use the Apple iPad email app for the first time there will be no archive folder listed in your list of mailboxes.

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(And yes, I know I can embed a link to the file in the note. But Evernote is my ultimate file cabinet archive. I want to get the file itself there (for example, embed an attachment from a meeting into the notes for that meeting while I am in the meeting taking notes on my iPad. HanDBase on your iPad is the next best thing! In fact, when you keep your data in a HanDBase database, you can do things your old desk and filing cabinet can’t:Fast Searching and Filtering – see only the information you need. Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most popular file formats in use today. In this roundup, we’ll take a hands-on look at PDF apps for the iPad, honing in on nine of them. PDF Cabinet is an easy-to-use editor and organiser for the portable document format. Annotate your PDFs with this handy iPad app. A briefer tap brings up options to edit properties, duplicate, lock or open a document, as well as view earlier collated versions of the same file.

However, I recently came across a lesser known app in the crowded genre by Com-Tec-Co PDF Cabinet and it’s quickly won me over. Making annotations can be done by simply tapping and holding anywhere on the PDF file, and then moving your finger around to select your options. The best email apps for iPhone and iPad, 2016 edition. People tab is more than an address bookit’s like a file cabinet for your contacts.