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See more about Filing Cabinet Desk, Metal Filing Cabinets and Porch Rules Sign. A file cabinet is a great organization tool and a necessity for most people, but let’s face it. It’s a big eyesore! File cabinet makeover: How to cover a file cabinet with contact paper. by 31diy. File Cabinet Christmas Decoration Organizerby cprichard1. Decoupage medium and fabric, wallpaper samples or other decorative paper allow you to cover the ugly file cabinet in a pattern of your choosing without stencils.

file cabinet decorative cover 2Using the same paper that you have on the walls to cover the cabinet allows it to disappear into the room. On the other hand, if your walls are painted, you can use wallpaper with a decorative pattern to give the cabinet a more attractive look. Be sure the surface is protected with newspaper, cardboard or other cover. Update an old or ugly file cabinet by following this file cabinet makeover. HI, i was wondering where you got the gold hand that’s on top of the file cabinet as decoration, or if you DIY’ed it, could you explain how. Should I sand those off first or will the chalk paint cover it fine and not bleed through?.

Give a boring filing cabinet a decorative makeover. Since a metal filing cabinet is a basic rectangle, sewing a slip cover for it is not difficult — if you already know the basics of sewing. Well, decorative file cabinets will be your solution. Before attaching wallpaper into filing cabinet, apply first mod podge into filing cabinet surface where you will cover with wallpaper. As I scrolled down there blog the other month I noticed they did a file cabinet revamp, and I instantly knew this may be something I wanted to pursue.

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file cabinet decorative cover 3Cut paper to size, allowing for a 1cm overlap to cover edges. Any suggestions for less permanent decoration? A few months ago I discovered a giant file cabinet at a thrift store. I had been wanting a file cabinet for a while now and saw a lot of potential in this huge (and heavy!) one. First, you will need to cover all the hardware with painter’s tape. That’s a clever idea to use the labels as a decorative element – it’s beautiful! The cover is a lamination of a decorative layer to a magnetic sheet. Exemplary pieces include file cabinets, desks, and drawer pedestals. It has delicate feet and very delicate decoration, which refers precisely to the classics. Use beautiful wallpaper to cover the front of an old filing cabinet. Do you have an old file cabinet sitting around that is just an eyesore?

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