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Office Depot & OfficeMax has a great selections of label holders that you are looking for. A label holder with self-adhesive backing can be quickly installed outside an office, on the front of a file cabinet or in another area to designate what’s contained within. Slap-Stick Magnetic Label Holders, Pack Of 10.Slip-Strip (6) -B O X Packaging (9) -C-Line (4) -HOL-DEX (6)file cabinet magnetic label holder. Colored vinyl label holders with clear pocket and magnetic back, for file cabinets and bookcases. Clear plastic holders with magnetic backings for easy repositioning or removal from metal surfaces Easily add to file cabinets, drawers, shelves and other metal surfaces Heavy-duty plastic lets you change inserts over and over again Includes blank inserts.

file cabinet magnetic label holder 2Magnetic backing attaches to file cabinets, drawers, panels and more. Product Name, Panco Slap-Stick Magnetic Label Holders. Product Type, Label Holder. Slap stick magnetic label holders by Panter are made in red, white, gray and black with clear label pocket. They easily attach to any metal surface, such as file cabinets, drawers, panels, etc. Use heavy duty, die-cut magnetic label holders with a full magnetic back on shelving, file cabinets or any metal surface. Vinyl pockets are best quality and made in the USA.

Designed to hold 40mm tall labels, these magnetic label holders are ideal for warehouse racking. The 40mm magnetic label holders are designed to hold 40mm tall labels, making them ideal for all types of uses such as, on warehouse racking or in the office on filing cabinets. Great for labeling file cabinets, drawers, bins, lockers, and morejust slap them on. Easy-to-use magnetic label holder is ideal for use with metal filing cabinets, shelving, storage cabinets and other metal surfaces. Design features a heavy-duty magnetic vinyl back, clear front and front-side thumb notch.

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They Easily Attach To File Cabinets, Drawers, Shelves, And Other Metal Surfaces Which Require Labeling. Colored Magnetic Label Holders for File Cabinets, Bookcases – PCI-MAGLHBK Market price: 18. Clear plastic holders with magnetic backings for easy repositioning or removal. Easily attach to file cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other metal surfaces.

Magnetic Label Holders 40mm X 80mm