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There are many ways to organize a filing cabinet so you might have to play around a bit until you find the one that works best for you and your needs. See more about File System, File Organization and Filing Cabinets. Trust me! Label all categories and stick them on the file folder. These will be the main categories. Make sure to alphabetize your hanging folder.

file cabinet organization categories 2In this week’s challenge we’ll tackle how to organize files so you can find the paper and documents you need, when you need them, without having to spend all your time filing. This can be a file drawer or cabinet, a rolling filing basket, or a cardboard bankers box. However, some typical home file categories to consider making files for include:. Coming up with a system of organization all the paper in your life takes thought and planning. Don’t scrimp when you buy a filing cabinet: Invest in a cabinet of good quality. Some of these categories warrant their own separate file. Some, like your important numbers, can be combined. In my former life, file systems were actually my organizing passion (all of you who are organizing junkies like me are nodding your heads, appreciating that I have a passion for this, and the rest of you are shaking your heads wondering if I m nuts am I right?). Other categories of paperwork? Is your file cabinet stuffed full?

And I still use a filing cabinet for my office papers, instead of scanning them onto the computer. I’ve organized all of our major categories and then I use sub-files within each cateogry. When I was window shopping at CB2, the filing cabinet caught my eye and landed right into the trunk of my car. It’s inspired me to dig into my filing cabinet and organise the chaos. Organizing Financial Documents In A Filing Cabinet.

How To Organize Files In Your Home To Find Things When You Need Them

file cabinet organization categories 3Turns out the sad state of my messy, overflowing filing cabinet is the reason for my blockage. Learn how to organize your file cabinet, file efficiently and retrieve papers quickly! Create a pile for each category such as file, read, respond, receipts. To organize a file cabinet at home, people should go through each item in the cabinet, sort items by category, label and alphabetize folders, create folders for future items, and maintain the cabinet monthly. Here’s how to develop your filing system, choose the best file categories for your home office and stay organized. Not sure if you should keep it? Review the following list when you’re sorting through paperwork and organizing your file cabinet. Organize your Filing Cabinet and Keep It Organized Forever. Another way that works well is to organize by categories and then by alphabetical order within a category. File Cabinet 101 – Keeping track of paperwork is a pain, but devising a smart filing system is half the battle. Get more organization tips from the experts at Label folders by category (utilities, credit card bills, insurance, etc.).

How I Organize My Paper Files And Filing Cabinet

Your home or office filing system needs an occasional cleaning. To start spring cleaning your office, empty every folder out of your file drawer and start by asking yourself if that category is still relevant. All too often, though, we waste our own time (and often the time of other people) searching for data that’s actually sitting somewhere on our desk or in an office filing cabinet. So we need to get more organized and efficient with our file management if we’re going to get our work done in a timely manner. Buy a file box or file cabinet, file folders, and hanging folders. I used this acrylic file box, these bright pink file folders, and these white hanging folders. Stack your documents by category (car, house, insurance, taxes, etc.) and then sort by date within each stack. I bought our 4-drawer filing cabinet last year but after all my health issues, I never got around to consolidating all of our papers into this one cabinet.

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