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I bought a Finnby bookshelf a few months ago. I wanted the Billy but it wouldn’t have fit where I needed to put it. I know you can get extra shelves for the Billy. I guess worst case scenario, I just buy another Finnby and use one of those shelves. After seeing everyone build shelves, I was inspired to build my own! The Finnby works just fine for games though unless you really need extra shelves. IKEA – FINNBY, Bookcase, black,, The shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage as needed.

finnby extra shelves 2This Dutch hacker took a shelf and a cabinet and mounted them to the wall, creating what might be the skinniest desk for an iMac ever built. Noted: next time she’s choosing a model with arms, for extra comfort (though it would be tough to beat Homer’s Lazy Man Toilet Seat for sheer sit-back-and-relax luxury). Enter: FINNBY. In truth, it could use more shelves, but that is something that can be easily rectified. They would sell extra shelves for it, right? RIGHT?!? I’m up to 7 boxes of books that need a home. Extra room above the top shelf where you can keep your books, CDs or DVDs.

How do deeper shelves mean that it won’t hold books? How many blus can a billy hold with extra shelves. I just want enough room for the blu to fit snuggly. They have a new shelving unit FINNBY which has a depth of 28cm. It’s the closest I found. Find great deals on eBay for IKEA Bookshelf in Bookcases. Shop with confidence.

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Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Shannon the1irishgirl 2 Aug 2014 billythrob Hi there! Do you remember seeing if you could buy extra shelves for it? FINNBY Bookcase. BILLY Extra shelf, 3626cm NZD 25.00 Pre Order. 60×180 CM, black IKEA finnby bookshelf, with 4 shelves, in good condition. Finny has 737 ratings and 168 reviews. Justin Kramon’s debut novel, Finny, is a sweeping, enchanting voyage, an insightful story about a young woman’s complicated path to adulthood. Kramon but your book is just too poorly written to continue with and as much as I’d like to help a new author like yourself, I can’t in good conscience give you that extra I’m done. Shelves: for-review, read-sep-2010. Photos and videos with the hashtag ‘finnby’ on Instagram. In love with my new shelves. -The shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage as needed.

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Good to know about Extra shelf, glass BILLY 502.867.50. Handle with care! A damaged edge or scratched surface can in exceptional cases cause the glass to crack suddenly. FINNBY 502.611.32 – Full Description and specifications. Main parts: Particleboard, ABS plastic, FoilSide panel: Particleboard, ABS plastic, Melamine foil, FoilBack panel: Fiberboard, Foil. Eclectic shelf made from rich Acacia wood with a functional + decorative iron bar. Decorative things, Posters, Cute extra stuff, Tyra, Other, Posters & Prints.