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Code requirements like NFPA 72 can be demanding and difficult to meet, so make it easy with the FAD Fire Alarm Documents Box. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code Requirements Compel Creation of an On-Site Fire Alarm Documentation Cabinet. In a perfect world, a fire alarm inspector would walk into a building, locate the fire alarm panel and be able to quickly find everything needed to understand the fire alarm system and perform a thorough inspection. The SAE DBX/A is a 26.25 x 14.25 x 4 surface mount cabinet fabricated from 16 gauge steel with a durable, baked-on, red textured powder coat finish.

fire alarm document cabinet 2Fire Log Books are ideal for recording incidents in. A Fire Log Book should be kept next to the fire alarm system. Fire Log Books are a legal requirement. Mier Products offers various specialty metal enclosures including metal document boxes, wall mount lock boxes and vertical lock boxes. A lockable cabinet shall be installed near the FACP when a new fire alarm system is installed or the FACP on an existing system is replaced.

Buy Fire Document Cabinets Online at – They are ideal for use with legal documents as well as exam papers or any other documet that must be protected. Temporary Fire Alarm EquipmentHowler Fire Alarm Equipment. Red Fire Document Cabinet With Seal Latch. Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection Shop by Category. Metal Storage Cabinet with Hasp lock for Fire Safety Documents. Fire document cabinets & folders are designed to protect your most important documents from potential damage in the event of a fire or flood, buy online now. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Here at Fire Safety we have a wide range of document cabinets including solid metal cabinets, Perspex holders and soft case fire document holders.

Fire Log Books & Document Holders

Ampac Technologies is the largest independent and privately owned supplier of fire detection and alarm systems in Australia. NEW SPACE AGE ELECTRONICS DBX/D RED FIRE ALARM DOCUMENT CABINET SSU00678, NIB in Business & Industrial, MRO & Industrial Supply, Safety & Security eBay.

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