Firewood Processor Saw Sample Plans PDF

To see a prototype click on the above link to the custom chain saw page. The Firewood Processors made by Bells Machining are the most rugged built, easy to use and most productive firewood processors on the market today. GREENLEE 38568 Hydraulic Chain Saw, Long Reach, 13 In Bar. Firewood Processor.

firewood processor saw 2Hi: I wrote earlier that I’m building a firewood processor. I’m now making the hydraulic chainsaw. Did some research and came up with the following: Danfoss M077YC Hydraulic Motor running at 12gpm, 2500 psi, 3000 rpm. Rick’s Firewood Processor. Motor (For Chain Movement), 3- Saw Articulation Cylinder, 4- Bypass Valve (Regulates saw engagement force to avoid stalling), 5- Log Mandible, 6- Mandible Articulation Cylinder, 7- Toothed Log Advancement Chain, 8- Diesel, 9- Hydraulic Oil, 10- Chainsaw Bar Oil. The Most Economical Mid-Size Firewood Processor Available Today If you are a firewood producer looking for an efficient means of processing firewood, look no further than the 1620 SS.

Some pictures of my homemade firewood processor and homemade hydraulic chainsaw For more pictures and information on this firewood processor go to firewood processor Attached Files 20032010163. I saw another one in farm show I wouldn’t mind stealing a couple ideas from. Frequently asked questions about our firewood equipment plans. I’ve seen many firewood processors with 2, 3 & 4 sections.

Firewood Processor Hydraulic Saw

firewood processor saw 3Bells Machine 6000 firewood processor with 32′ conveyor, 54 circular saw, 6 way wedge, 4 strand live deck, heated cab, triple axle, grizzly. Introducing the sawyer’s new best friend, the new Wood Wizard Slab and Trim Saw by Hud-Son Forest Equipment is so easy and efficient it frees up one man to. The Rex Log Saw loads and docks logs which can then be fed into the Rex 600 or 900 firewood processor creating the ultimate processing system. Firewood Processor- Woodbine and Rapido Loco from CRD Metalworks. Our Rapido Loco slasher-saw processors are among the fastest, most productive machines available on the planet today. I bought a 144hp Deutz industrial diesel motor to mount on the trailer of my firewood processor yesterday. Are you using a commercial hydraulic chainsaw or did you build it? I am having trouble designing the saw chain drive system for my processor. Then there is a range of Saw Benches and Log Saws, Log Saw Conveyor combinations and Firewood Processors. There is also a range of Band Saws.

Homemade Firewood Processor With Hydraulic Chainsaw

While most processors use a hydraulic chainsaw bar to cut the logs to length, some use a very large circular saw blade called a slasher blade. We have our own Firewood Processor, this machine is hydraulically operated, and the completed machine loads, cuts and splits the log up to eight pieces. Where a sawmill tears (cuts with the grain) a wood of steer saw the crosscuts (cuts through the grain).