Firewood Stacking Art Sample Plans PDF

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There are even art galleries that have showcased art like this. If you’ve been inspired to create your own log pile art, share it with us below! wood-pile-art-1. There is an art and a science to stacking firewood in a woodpile. Some say there’s a spiritual side to it as well, but I can’t help you much with that. You’d have to come to meeting already knowing that there’s something more to a tree than wood, bark, and leaves as the Indians and the old-time French-Canadian axmen did, and the way a few modern woodsmen and women still do. From an owl to a cut down tree to a small house, these artists have turned firewood into some of the coolest looking works of art you will ever see.

firewood stacking art 2Log piles are usually neat and orderly, each piece of sliced wood stacked atop the other. If you camped a lot or had a wood burning stove or fireplace you understand that finding and stacking firewood is a job. A tough job. One wrong move and the whole stack of wood that you’ve worked hours on creating will come tumbling down. Montana Man Creates Beautiful Wood Mosaics Out of Stacked Firewood. Artist Adds Star Wars Themes to Famous Thomas Kinkade Paintings.

The art of stacking firewood varies from person to person. Here’s a look at some fun pics of different methods of stacking wood, as well as a few articles you might find helpful. Well-stacked wood is attractive, but its real virtue is that it will be dry by the time you need it. Seasoned wood burns efficiently, doesn’t require constant attention to stay lit, and creates less pollution in the form of smoke (unburned wood vapor). As the cool crisp air blows across the valley near my home, the smell of Fall is in the air. Every year at this time, as the fresh scent of the changing seasons begins to waft past my nose, a sense of dread, and joy, wells up inside me.

These People Turned Log Piling Into An Art Form

Since the rain has seemed to have stopped for the winter, I’ve been out there everyday stacking firewood onto pallets. Mornings are peaceful and the perfect time to do my yoga. It is not often that my trusty assistant (who shall remain nameless) and I get into arguments, but the stacking of split wood for drying is one place we constantly butt heads. Feeling good about your own energy and stamina in splitting and piling all that wood for the winter. Well, don’t get too impressed by your own firewood prowess until you consider these Herculean efforts.

Firewood Stacking Methods