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Vocabulary words for first four cabinet positions. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards. It is just the secretaries of the departments, and a few other key players. The first cabinet, that of George Washington, consisted of only four department heads; those of State, Treasury, War, and the Attorney General. Here’s a primer on the departments, in order of their succession to the Presidency. The Act merged the Department of War, which had been established in 1789 as one of the original four Cabinet-level positions, and the Department of the Navy, and also created the United States Air Force. First Secretary: The department wasn’t elevated to Cabinet status until the final year of Grover Cleveland’s first term in 1889.

first four cabinet positions 2The president’s advisors and head of the 15 state departments. President Washington appointed a Cabinet of four people to help and advise him. The first Cabinet included Thomas Jefferson (Secretary of State), Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of the Treasury), Henry Knox (Secretary of War), and Edmund Randolph (Attorney General). Learn more about cabinet departments in the Boundless open textbook. George Washington established the first cabinet by appointing four departmental leaders as his main advisors. Over the years, the size of the Cabinet has changed. George Washington’s first Cabinet had just four secretaries. There was one each for the departments of (1) Foreign Affairs (now known as the Department of State), (2) the Treasury, (3) War (now known as the Department of Defense), and (4) an Attorney General.

As President Obama’s second-term Cabinet takes shape, the gender and ethnic composition of his team is drawing criticism from the Center of American Women in Politics, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda Coalition and New York Democrat Charles Rangel, one of the longest serving black members of Congress. With white men nominated to the first four positions (secretary of defense, secretary of state, secretary of the Treasury and CIA director), it’s time to start asking for a government that looks like America. The cabinet members are ordered in the line of succession according to the date their offices were established. The first vice president to take office under the new procedure was Gerald Ford, who was nominated by Nixon on Oct. The president pro tempore is elected by the Senate, but by tradition the position is held by the senior member of the majority party. The President of the United States delegates much work to the Cabinet. The first 4 Cabinet positions (1789) were: Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and Attorney General.

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Here’s a look at the current Cabinet, and who Geithner stepped down at the end of Obama’s first term. Donovan served as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development before accepting his current position. During his four years, Duncan worked on initiatives expanding Pell grants, education reform and promoted investment in innovation. The presidential cabinet dates to the first American president, George Washington. Those four cabinet positions remain the most important to the president to this day. The original cabinet positions were Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of War and Attorney-General. The attorney general also is an appointed Cabinet position. The first Cabinet (under President George Washington) was only four members strong, with departments represented by Thomas Jefferson, Henry Knox, Edmund Randolph and Alexander Hamilton. And during his time in office, LBJ created two new Cabinet positions, both of which supported his Great Society initiatives: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Secretary of Transportation. The five Clinton appointments in 1993 represented a first in U.S. Never before had an African American held any of the four positions previously at Commerce, Agriculture, Energy and Veterans Affairs. Over eight years, President Bush appointed six Blacks to top positions in his cabinet over eight years.

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The bureaucracy generally falls into four broad types: Cabinet departments, government corporations, independent agencies, and regulatory commissions. As the first woman Cabinet member, Frances Perkins served for 12 years, helping draft legislation such as the Social Security Act and the first federal minimum wage laws. Washington appointed Thomas Jefferson as the first State Secretary on September 26, 1789. The final Cabinet level position created by Washington was the Postmaster General. George Washington’s first Cabinet had only four positions. The current Cabinet for President Obama has 16 positions, including the Vice President. Some of these men had been effectively promised positions as part of the negotiations that led to Mr. 10 Relations within the Cabinet were worsened during the first four months of 1864 by a series of speeches which Montgomery’s brother Frank gave on the floor of the House of Representatives, charging Chase with corruption.