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Comparison of the Effects of Fluidized-Bed and Fixed-Bed Reactors in Microwave-Assisted Catalytic Decomposition of TCE by Hydrogen. You are starting with an updraft fixed bed, increasing the gas flow you get to a point when the forces at the particles within the bed result in an expansion of the bed, where there is no continious contact between the neigbouring particles. Reforming of methane with carbon dioxide and oxygen was investigated over Ni/MgOSiO2 catalysts using fixed bed and fluidized bed reactors.

fixed bed reactor and fluidized bed reactor 2(Li/MgO) catalysts has been conducted in fixed- and fluidized-bed reactors. Compared to other types of reactors (e.g., fixed bed reactors), fluidized bed reactors have a number of advantages. Fluidized bed reactors can be considered as an improvement over the traditional water treatment methods associated with advanced oxidation processes for pollutant degradation. The reactor technologies for chemical-looping combustion (CLC) are categorized as circulating fluidized bed reactors, rotating reactors, and alternating flow reactors (Fig.

Oxidative Coupling Of Methane Over Lithium-promoted Magnesium Oxide Catalysts In Fixed-bed And Fluidized-bed Reactors

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Comparison Of The Effects Of Fluidized-bed And Fixed-bed Reactors In Microwave-assisted Catalytic Decomposition Of Tce By Hydrogen