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Hi, does anybody know how to build a (fast) Simulink- model, which contains one or two packed bed reactors? My current model uses too many states ( 300) and the simulation speed is too slow (several days). A 2D pseudo homogeneous model using finite differences method in matlab. Pseudo-homogeneous mathematical modelling of fixed bed reactor for FT synthesis. Finally, the partial order of reactions with regard to CO (mj) and H2 (nj) were calculated for the power law rate equation using MATLAB Global Optimization Toolbox with additional in-house procedures according to the results acquired from experiments with the Co/SiO2 catalyst.

fixed bed reactor matlab 2The solution contains the time dependent behavior of each node in the discretized reactor. For example, we can plot the concentration of A at the exit vs. The mass balance equation for the packed bed can be described by an axial dispersion model as. The set of DAE’s is solved using MATLAB with ode15s system solver.

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