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Simulation and optimization of a fixed bed reactor operating in coking-regeneration cycles. Regeneration of Coked Catalysts in a Polytropic Reactor. We analyzed one-step DME synthesis from syngas in a shell and tube type fixed bed reactor with consideration of the heat and mass transfer between catalyst pellet and reactants gas and effectiveness factor of catalysts together with reactor cooling through reactor wall. In this paper, the dynamic behavior and control of the low pressure methanol synthesis fixed bed reactor have been investigated. For simulation purpose, a heterogeneous one-dimensional model has been developed.

fixed bed reactor simulation 2A heterogeneous one-dimensional model was developed to simulate a staged adiabatic fixed bed reactor for the catalytic dehydration of methanol to dimethyl ether. The design of packed bed reactors is often challenging, requiring much experimental trial and error to investigate kinetics, heat transfer and fluid flow in order to come up with a final reliable design. The continuous increase in the global demand for a cleaner energy source has instigated much interest in converting natural gas to ultra-clean fuels and value-added chemicals.

One of the most common reactors in the chemical industry, for use in heterogeneous catalytic processes, is the packed bed reactor.

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