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They are expensive pieces of furniture so one of the key purposes of the film is to make clear to potential customers why they are the price they are. In the film David Fletcher talks about the evolution of the design and explains how the tables are manufactured and assembled. I have long dreamed of building a capstan table for my home like DB Fletcher’s beautiful designs (google it if you aren’t familiar). I am however going to be working on designing the table in a way that it can be built in a cost effective way. I did get the idea from the Fletcher table, but everything underneath was worked out on my own. Well, this table costs easily 20 times as much as any normal table — which can also last 100 years and longer.

fletcher capstan tables cost 2The Fletcher Capstan Table expands from a standard 6.5- or 10-foot table to one that measures anywhere between 20 to 30 feet across. Cost: Tables are customisable, and range from 50,000 to 70,000. Today we are talking about an expandable table, one that costs a fortune to acquire but has its advantages: the Fletcher Capstan Table. By Ahmed Abbas Momin The Fletcher Capstan Table is named after designer Fletcher David, its a kind of table which automatically expands from a small size to a larger one.

Patented in 1835, the Jupe table uses a hidden capstan mechanism that expands sections of a round table as it rotates. One of Fletcher’s expanding Capstan dining tables costs between 50,000 and 70,000, reported Business Insider in 2013.

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