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How to Build a Flip Top Tool Stand for a Planer and Sander. If your planer is larger than this you will need to adjust the plans accordingly to make the sides higher or the shelves wider. The joke was that I want to build a fliptop stand which will flip the planer upside down when not in use, so I just flipped the photo as an introduction to the idea. Note: I am not providing detailed plans in this article, but here is a rough parts list. This Flip Top Tool Stand pulls double duty with a portable planer and spindle sander all in one footprint.

flip top planer table plans 2Building a flip-top table is great way to save shop space. Wheelbarrow Planer Stand – The Woodworker’s Shop – American Woodworker. Lift Up Router and Benchtop Tool Table Woodworking Plan Part 2 We showed you how to make the end cabinets and the sturdy laminated top for the workbench, in Part 1, the Full-Service Workbench, 31-MD-00058 sold separately. Link Type: fee plans Link Source: WoodworkersWorkshop Online Store Visit the category Fix Link?Flip Top Benchtop Tool Base This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a cart with top that pivots on a 1/2 inch steel rod, allowing an attached power tool such as a planer to be stored by flipping the top over, leaving a flat work surface or a place to mount another tool. It is far superior to the method in the plan. I’m new, haha. I am going to build one for my planer and some other tool to be named later.

The solution will be a rolling stand with a pivoting top to hold both tools. I found plans in The Complete Small Shop from August Home Publications. I may try to come up with something to catch the grit from grinding so that it doesn’t end up on the stand or in my planer. But with this flip-top tool stand, two tools can live within a single work stand. For this to work, both tools should be of similar weight and size, like the planer and sander shown above. This unit was built because I don’t have a ton of bench top space and all three of these machines are the bench top style.

Multi-tool Flip-top Table

flip top planer table plans 3The flip-top design is partially based on plans for a flip-top work center from WOOD magazine. When I got a new planer for my birthday, I knew I would have a space problem, so I would need some sort of portable stand for it. This flip-top tool stand holds two tools at the same time and by flipping the top over you can use each tool in turn, but you are only occupying the space of one tool. It stores his spindle sander and planer on a flippable top, Even has a fold-up router table. More sofa tables, plans, and a very special bird feeder. Name: Flip Top Stand 138.jpg Views: Click image for larger version. One of the plans I looked used some pivoting eye bolts and knobs. For a long time, I had my DeWalt 735 planer on the factory stand, and I moved the Ridged sander around as necessary. If you think about the top flipped halfway, each tool is going to place a torque on the pivot point due to the force of gravity pulling on the mass of each tool. I plan to store the jig shown here there, but I may mount it differently to get more space in this area. Flip-Top Work Center, Woodworking Plans, Workshop & Jigs, Tool Bases & Stands, WOOD Issue 151, October 2003, 2003, Simple. Flip-Top, Benchtop Router Table.

Flip-top Tool Stand

When the tool is needed, simply flip the top to bring it upright. When you’re done, flip the tool underneath and put the flat work surface side to use. Outfitted with casters, the cart can be rolled into the center of the shop or parked out of the way. Flip Top Planer Cart Planer Cart Planer Cart Let s see your planer stands/carts Looking for pics of planer tables/stands in LJ s workshops. I came across the Flip Top Tool Stand that looks rather nice and simple to build for a beginner. I found a plan for a flip top stand a couple of years ago that I use in my shop and it has served me very well. Don’t put the planer and jointer on the same flip top stand as these two are usually used in tandem and may cause you extra work as you have to flip back and forth between the two if they are on the same stand.

Flip Top Planer Cart. The solution was a flip top cart that can roll under the Festool MFT/3 table and when needed, the tool is rotated around to working height. I’d seen different takes on this kind of cart, and I more or less made this up as I went along during the build. No particular plan, but a good idea of what I wanted to accomplish. One of the ways I maintain this is my Flip Top Tool Cart. Now, there are plans for these things all over the place. To lock the table in place, I line the eye bolt up with a slot in the case side, pivot it into the slot and tighten the star knob. For the planer, I unplug the dust hose from the nearby jointer and use that, although that s not working so well because the hose tends to fall off its blast gate whenever I look at it the wrong way need to address that. Behind the cart, an outfeed table pulls out on full-extension drawer slides. Hopefully, your helper is still within earshot to help you flip the project upside down on your bench. Workpieces should lightly graze the top of the roller as they leave the planer. Where can i purchase the plans for the planer cart project?