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I am hoping to build a floating desk (large floating shelf) in my home office but am having trouble figuring out how to support it. It is going to be about 7 feet wide by 2-2. Example of a floating desk top (courtesy of Phil Curtis): With increased height, it’d be one of simplest standing desk designs, and I am planning to do this at home. Resource page on design and installation of Solid Support brackets to create a wall mounted floating desk.

floating desk support 2Discover thousands of images about Floating Desk on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Wall Mounted Desk with Angled Supports. Attach a 2 x 4 attached to the wall to support the back of the desktop. In general, a floating desk is constructed by securing a wood surface to a plywood base. This rests on a supporting E-frame and it’s all finished with a trim at the front.

I’ve been thinking about making a desk for my new room. The best place for it would be to put in a a corner. I also want to put a support on the floating corner for extra support. Countertop Supports, our Hidden Floating Inside Wall Mount Bracket is designed to float countertops or shelves directly off the wall. We see these brackets used to float everything from granite countertops, hardwood desks, glass shelves, etc. When I set out to build a floating desk, I thought it would be really difficult. Use an electric drill to attach the support plank into the studs in the wall.

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floating desk support 3I’m attempting to make two 100 inch floating desks in my 100 inch wide home office. I’m having issues with the support structure and coming from a programming background this has proven to be a little tricky. How To Build A Simple Floating Desktop + Shelves! I’d be afraid for the desk to bow in time, especially if only supported at both edges. I wonder if extending a ladder frame through half of the desk’s width for extra support would do the trick? Worst case, I suppose I could add some sort of angular support back to the wall or a leg but I’d rather keep it as clean as possible. A floating desk needs support because it does not have any pillars to hold it. The construction depends on where you want to build the desk. You can create a floating desk that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient and packed with storage. In homes where space is at a premium, finding room for a workspace can often mean sacrificing one function to support another. I’m planning to make a floating desk in the next month. (4 inch thick, butcher block design). Build the wooden part of the desk to slide over the support members. Use two 3/4 sheets separated by another 3/4 air space.

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Hi all, I’m a newbie building a floating desk. The top’s total weight is approximately 200lbs and should support another 200lbs in daily use. After a magazine article noted that its reception area was small and routine, ad agency Boys and Girls decided to do something about it. The finished product is a desk that spans the entire length of the wall. The desk is mounted to the wall by means of three hidden supporting brackets, maximizing workspace while freeing up floor space for storage. Specifically, I’m looking for a new desk and I know you folks here all have at least one. The load supporting sides on the main desk and the run are 1 MDF as well.

The high quality wood construction gives this desk a sleek design and a durable frame. This floating desk is supported by a sturdy steel rail mounting system that allows this desk to support up to 100 lbs. Is the studio construction finished? you could install large steel L brackets behind the drywall that protrude horizontally to support the desk, or get some (1/2 steel) brackets fabricated and powder coated to match the wall.