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How To: Transfer from Floor to Chair from Karman Healthcare provides a large selection of manual wheelchairs, including light wheelchairs, and transport wheelchairs. Knowing you’re able to transfer in and out of your manual wheelchair is extremely important. Perhaps you want to play with your kids or work on the floor, or maybe you just fell (hey, it happens). Watch these three floor to wheelchair transfers!

floor to wheelchair transfer 2Take a look as Sydney demonstrates this useful skill to master of being able to transfer from her chair to the floor and back again on her own with and without assistance. Please remember that Sydney is a highly trained and experienced individual. Find HUGE savings on Para Ladder Seat to Floor Transfer Aid and thousands of wheelchair products and disability supplies. Get Para Ladder Seat to Floor Transfer Aids with discounts upto 120 at sportaid.com. Being able to get onto the floor can be helpful for performing a home exercise program, including getting onto the stomach for stretching of the front of the hip and trunk, which can get tight with long term wheelchair use. This type of transfer might also be needed if a person ends up on the floor unintentionally, such as sliding out of the bed.

Transfer devices for elderly assist caregivers and patients alike. We have wheelchair transfer boards, transfer belts and wall mounted trapezes for less. Floor stand only for Lumex Trapeze bars (sold sepa. 89.99. 4.7/5. view product.

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