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Create window boxes that add beauty to your home, garage, or shed with these easy plant-by-number ideas. Click here to see container gardens full of beautiful foliage. 3 of 22. Add color to the landscape by filling your window boxes with flowering annuals. Gardeners have multiple selections among annual sun-lovers. Choices include plants with erect, trailing and mounding. I love this full-sun container from DeWald Gardens. It has a beautiful mounding shape, sort of like an eye, that I find really pleasing. My home has a northern front exposure (it s kind of awful)- just some early morning sun. Any advice for good shade-loving window box flowers?

flowers for window boxes in full sun 2A well-designed window box can be the crowning glory of your full sun garden. When planting window boxes, choosing plants that match your sun exposure is the key to success. The ideal plants for window boxes are colorful, can withstand hot sun or part shade and don’t have finicky watering requirements. This plant is light and airy with tiny bobs of red flowers that attract butterflies.

Window boxes, of course, are just containers attached to the house. Many excellent shade plants thrive in partial or full shade. Hardy, versatile, attractive, and useful for any box where you want trailing plants, ivy handles in sun or shade. This is a full-blown tutorial filled with planting tips, hang on! Carefully select flowers and plants for your window box. Sun or part sun? Start Start box-garden window-plant 0706window-plants window-plants. Previous.

Flowers For Sunny Window Boxes

flowers for window boxes in full sun 3Bright, showy flowers are at their best in a box that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. So go for reliable bloomers in arresting color combinations. The best way to plant a full sun window box is to mix the types of plants that you want to use, including both herbs and floral plants, as well as using annuals and perennial plants. Gardening Tips: Best Flowers for Window Boxes Apartments. If you have full sun, opt for New Guinea impatiens instead of the regular impatiens. A Pastel Window Box. Think about how narrow and petite the typical window box is (often 8 to 12 inches wide and equally shallow) not a lot of room especially if you have roots that want to spread long and grow deep. It enjoys full sun and moderate water. Here are a few ideas for great window box combinations and some tips for success. This box was planted with purple Angelonia in the back, orange Profusion Zinnias in the center and nasturtiums in the front..a bright, casual planting for full sun. Basket and box flowering plantings for sun, shade,spring,summer,winter. Hanging baskets or window boxes full of flowers or foliage plants give a color boost to your house and garden.

Planting A Window Box Container Garden

Annuals are plants that germinate, grow to maturity, flower, set seed, and die within one year. Full Sun Hanging Baskets, Patio Containers & Window Boxes. Flower box and window box experts Flower Framers of Cincinnati offer the ultimate flower box or window box to display your flowers. Maintenance During hot summer months, water thoroughly and often! Regular watering, of your box is essential to achieve the results and look you want, especially if the flower boxes are in full sun. This is my 4th year planting my window boxes and every year I’ve tried something a little different, hoping to hit on just the right mix. My windows on the lake side get full sun beating down on them all day long and petunias seem to be the only flower that can stand up to the heat. Take a look at some of the stunning window boxes I found on the Internet. The one problem I’ve always seemed to have run into in the past, is that as the summer months move along I begin to get less light in the front, and the sun loving flowers I typically plant in my boxes begin to fade.

Although window boxes do differ from other containers in a few ways (which we will explore shortly), their basic need for excellent drainage is the same. (I think my problem was waiting until May to begin planting.) The ‘boxes’ are wrought iron holders to which we add a liner to hold the soil and plants. So with your full-sun exposure, make sure you only use plants that can take a lot of bright light (none of my impatiens or begonias!), use only wood, plastic or metal inside your frames, fill those containers with half compost and half soil-free mix (to gain a little more water retention than my usual recipe), and mulch the surface with shredded fall leaves or dried clippings from an herbicide free lawn. Like any garden planting, a window box comes with its own set of design considerations. Its close tie to the house is one. Study your home’s exterior to see which windows need dressing up and what cues the architecture provides. That’s terrific! A box can be quite liberating, particularly if it’s a box full of flowers under your window. Window boxes in full sun may need watering every day. Hanging baskets of flowers and window boxes are easy ways to layer a little extra cheer into your patio and porch spaces or increase curb appeal. This is particularly important if your boxes or baskets are in full sun. Tricked out for the season in combustible colors and riffed with references of a late-autumn harvest, this exuberant full-sun window box celebrates all that we love about fall-like the vivid colors and leafy textures.