Fluid Bed Granulation Scale Up Sample Plans PDF

The scaling up of a fluidized bed granulation process from small scale to production scale is often done empirically in the pharmaceutical industry. In this stu. After completion of granulation, fluidized bed drying was carried out in the same FBP at parameters declared in Table 1b, until desired constant LOD specifically from 1. Fluid bed scale-up is a mix of mathematics, engineering and personal judgment. In R&D, fluid bed granulation requires a fair amount of time to develop a robust process that yields acceptable product. In scaling up to commercial manufacturing, the same quality and results are expected with minimal development at production scale.

fluid bed granulation scale up 2Are you facing the challenge of scaling up high shear and fluid bed process for your pharmaceutical product? Single Pot A mixer or granulator that dries granules in the same equipment without discharging is commonly called a single pot (see Figure 1). Additionally, the introduction of a new range of fluid beds also eliminates the difficulty of scale-up. Fluid Air’s Model 0002 fluid bed system features a variety of options for superior granulation and Wurster coating results. View. Models 0300 – 1200. Production scale fluid bed systems for processing of very large batches (up to 1200 Liters).

The Best Way To Scale Up High Shear And Fluid Bed Processes?

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Scaling Up Of The Fluidized Bed Granulation Process