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The pharmaceutical industry has used fluid-bed granulation extensively for several decades to improve powder properties (e.g., flowability and compressibility) for downstream processing. Such granulation process is called fluid bed granulation and is beneficial to pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, because the process, which is driven by thermodynamics, can be easily reproduced and produces uniform granular material. The fluidized bed spray granulation is a method for making free-flowing granulate from liquids. It can be used in different applications in various industries, since the product properties can be varied in many ways by setting process technical parameters and configurations.

fluid bed granulator 2For more than 50 years, GEA has supplied advanced fluid bed processing plants for blending, granulating, drying, pelletizing and coating to the pharmaceutical industry. The top-spray granulator can also be used for top-spray coating, layering from liquids and instantizing. In the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, fluid bed granulation is a widely used method of manufacturing flowable particles ideal for tablet compression. In the fluidized bed granulation, the powder to be granulated is suspended in the heated air of a fluid bed, and a liquid binder sprayed from nozzles positioned above.

Fluid bed equipment and coating – MYLAB Ghibli Aria. Mylab is a laboratory scale equipment for R&D purposes, suitable for the granulation or coating processes. Find here Fluid Bed Granulator manufacturers, Fluid Bed Granulator suppliers, Fluid Bed Granulator producers, Fluid Bed Granulator exporters, Fluid Bed Granulator production centers, Fluid Bed Granulator companies for your sourcing needs. Describes the Model 0002 fluid bed system for R&D applications. Fluid Bed Granulation The fluid bed granulation process (also known as agglomeration) involves suspending particulates in an air stream and spraying a liquid from the top down onto the fluidized bed.

Fluid Bed Granulation

fluid bed granulator 3In wet granulation, granules are formed by the addition of a granulation liquid onto a powder bed which is under the influence of an impeller (in a high-shear granulator), screws (in a twin screw granulator) 2 or air (in a fluidized bed granulator). The granulation liquid (fluid) contains a solvent which must be volatile so that it can be removed by drying, and be non-toxic. The Fluid Bed System BFS is a granulation and drying system specifically optimized for pharmaceutical applications. It features a broad range of extension options for Bottom Tangential Spray Granulation as well as Bottom Tangential Spray Coating. Yenchen is Taiwan, China, Japan high quality Fluid Bed Dryer, Granulator, Coater manufacturer and the leading pharmaceutical machinery supplier with nearly 50 years’ professional experience, now we have become the leading pharmaceutical machine supplier in Taiwan. PS&S provided architectural and engineering services for a facility expansion that would provide for the installation of a new Fluid Bed Granulator (FBG) system and associated equipment. This unique design of plates, nozzles and filters makes the not only a perfect granulation system but also an ideal machine for Fluidized bed coating applications. Fluidized Bed Granulation. Granulation. In the pharmaceutical industry, granulation refers to the act or process in which primary powder particles are made to adhere to form larger, multi-particle entities called granules.