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Fluid bed technology is a core technology of GEA. We supply several different types of Fluid Bed units for application within food and dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. GEA Static Fluid Beds are widely used throughout the process industries for drying, cooling and calcining of powders, crystals and granules. The Fluid-Bed Gasifier (FBG) converts solid fuels into a syngas consisting mainly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which can be further processed to produce a synthetic natural gas or to produce liquid fuels via the Fischer Tropsch (FT) process.

fluid bed 2Carman Vibrating Fluid Bed Processors are the perfect way to heat, cool, dry, or moisturize your bulk solid material. By passing controlled process air up through the material bed of the Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor, the material is percolated like a gently boiling fluid. A fluid bed dryer air system typically consists of an entering air blower, cyclone, vent fan, secondary dust collection equipment, and interconnecting ductwork. Click the above picture to see a Fluid Bed demonstration. Freund-Vector changed the FL-N and FL-M model names to VFC in 2007. The table below details this change.

The Anhydro Fluid Bed is often used for drying and cooling of powder. The use of a Fluid Bed enables adjustment of process parameters in order to achieve a superior overall drying economy and powder quality. Metso provides stand alone fluid bed equipment or complete systems. Metso’s fluid bed technology utilizes a bubbling bed, partial entrainment, and full entrainment technologies to heat, dry, calcine, and cool various granular materials.

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