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We are modeling a fluidized bed(with or without reaction) in Gambit-Fluent.But we are having some problem in the beginning like 1)how can we define. Modeling of hydrodynamic behavior of uidized bed reactor. Deeper knowledge of the fluidized bed hydrodynamics would provide the base for development of a fully predictive model. This study highlights the model development for hydrodynamic study and the effect of particle size to the solid fluidization in fluidized bed gasifier using Eulerian-Eulerian multiphase model coupled with kinetic granular theory in CFD software, Ansys Fluent v6.3.

fluidized bed ansys fluent 2ANSYS Fluent was used as the solver with the enhanced treatment of dense and dilute regions implemented via User Defined Functions (UDFs). Rocky DEM, Inc. continues to invest in Rocky and ANSYS coupling functionality and presents new highlights about the increased integration between these two tools Strong integration between computer-aided engineering (CAE) programs is of great benefit for engineers because the different tools working together allow them to evaluate more aspects of the equipment and produce simulations. Fluidized bed simulation (2-way coupling with ANSYS Fluent). Rocky and ANSYS Mechanical.

Industrial Scale Fluidized Bed Simulation

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Fluidized Bed Modeling