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TMC V Bio Fluidized Sand Bed Aquarium Filters. When Bio-plastics are used in the FSB filter, replace an equal volume of sand with the Bioplastics. The most efficient fluidized sand bed filter. which utilizes the most efficient method of aerobic biological filtration available. Since each surface of each grain of sand is available for bacteria, the total surface area in pounds of sand in a FBF is enormous. One pound of sand is approximately able to handle 100 gallons of an average stocked aquarium. One of these crossover products is the fluidized filter. While very simple in design and operation, there is nevertheless confusion in the minds of the hobbyists as to their function.

fluidized bed filter 2Adavantages and drawbacks of fluidized bed filters in aquariums. FB300’s Innovative design creates more filter volume area for increased capacity. Posts about Fluidized Sand Bed Filter written by fishservice.

FSB (fluidized sand bed) Filters as a solution to increased bio load needs of large aquariums, a better, less expensive solution over large canister filters such as the Fluval FX5 or Eheim 2080, espec. A FBF is also self-cleaning since the sand is in constant motion and so no detritus can settle on it. This is of limited benefit however, since the detritus is simply flushed out of the filter and ends up back in the tank, where you don’t want it either. Again this comes to the reason of the Bio-Balls, the water in a Fluidized bed filter is full of oxygen and the out going water will be full of NO3.

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All, Please let me know your thoughts on this type of filter? Have not seen alot of talk about them. I have a 75 gal with 2 AC70’s running Sponge. Why is it that there arent more of us using fluidized bed filtration, from what I’ve read a fluidized bed filter that is 3 feet tall can remove. What is a fluid bed filter? It is a bed of media that is fluidized in water. The pond water is pumped in the bottom of the bed and flows out the top to the pond. Remove ammonia and nitrite from water using these fluidized bed biofilters. The fluidized bed filter (FBF) is a biological reactor only. The principle is to direct water through a sand (or similar media) bed from below so that the sand becomes fluidized behaves like a fluid. Fluidized bed filter is not a standalone type of aquarium tank filter because it provides only biological filtration and thus is often used in combination with either canister filter or external power filter to complement mechanical filtration part to remove solid waste particles.

Aquarium Fluidized Bed Filter Review; Tmc V2, Merlin, Lifeguard

And yes I do have fluidized bed filters on my tanks. After reading your post i googled fluidized bed filter and co2 and read somewhere that you need to oxygenate the water prior to the entry of the filter.