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NEW Set of 6 OEM Ford F-150 Truck Bed Mounting Hardware Bolts Clips. Step by step guide on how to remove the pickup bed off a F150, F250+ Ford Truck. You will most likely need 8 bed bolts and clips (f150 and f250 models only use 6, 2 short bolts the rest are long bolts) because the old ones will likely not be salvageable unless it is a relatively new truck. So I am looking at new beds since the front of mine is rusted through but I still have 3 bed bolts broken off in there clips attached to my frame.

ford bed bolts and clips 299-15 Ford F-250 F-350 Superduty Truck Bed Bolts & Clips. Set of 8 replacement bed bolts for Ford truck beds. These are new takeoff bolts and new clips ready to replace those old rusty bolts once the bed is removed. Ok trying to loosen up my bed bolt to install goose ball on truck, So i sprayed all my bolts up good with PB blaster, wd-40, pentrating oil. You’re gonna have to buy new bolts and clips from the dealer. 1988 Ranger Can anyone verify what size the bed bolts are? Replacement bolts from ford are 6/each, and the nut-clips are 3/each.

Got a question about the clips-nuts that hold down the bed. Wasnt sure if this thread is in the right spot. but im taking the bed off my truck to get rid of rust and sure enough the bed bolts are not coming off. Tory heads for OEM, which I think gives a better purchase when tightening or loosening the bolts. The clip nuts are beefier units as well.

99-15 Ford F-250 F-350 Superduty Truck Bed Bolts & Clips, Dick’s Auto Parts, Middlebury, In

Dorman Products – 924-312: Truck Bed Mounting Hardware. The kit includes all bolts, nuts and washers necessary to secure the frame to the truck. Rust-resistant coating. I have removed the bed from my STX and am looking for replacement bolts and C-clips. I haven’t been able to find these items from any of the on-line p. This is a new ford f250 f350 oem style bolt washer and nut-clip kit, necessary when installing a new or used bed on your truck. fits all 1999-2015 f250 f350 long or short bed dually or single rear wheel (SRW). Went to pull out the bed bolts yesterday to make sure everything. Went to pull out the bed bolts yesterday to make sure everything. The best selection of Ford Ranger Complete Replacement Parts parts and accessories. Customer reviews, live chat, and a 30-day Guarantee. DESIGN ENGINEERING UNIVERSAL BOLT.

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