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Hey anyone know what size the bed bolts are on a 2006 F-350? Anybody know what size the bed bolts are and where to get them for my ’87? I bought it without a bed, and am trying to figure this out so I can get something back on it. Does anyone know what size of torx bit fits the bed bolts?

ford bed bolts size 2Are you a Ford F150 fan? I believe the size is 9/16. 6 bed bolts and you have to either remove the filler neck from the bed (3 screws per tank), or opt to loosen the hose clamp running from the tank to the filler. Vehicle: 2006 Ford F-150. Vehicle: 2005 FORD F150. Since my bed bolts are all rusted I could pull them out and replace with new ones. I was wondering what size torx do I need to remove the bed bolts for my pick up? I have been searching around and couldn’t find a straight answer. 2001 F150 Supercrew Bed Bolt Size Log In Log In User Name Remember Me? Password Register. Vehicle: 2001 Ford F150.

Just for s and grins. what size bolts hold your bed on? Is it T-55 or T-65? What year and bed style (normal/step) Just wondering so I get it. Wasnt sure if this thread is in the right spot. but im taking the bed off my truck to get rid of rust and sure enough the bed bolts are not coming off. The Ranger Station Forums Styling & Electrical Exterior bed bolt sizes and where to buy Exterior.

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I’m trying to remove the T50 Torx bolts on a 99 F150 to get the bed off to replace the fuel pump. I’ve already broken 3 T50 Torx bits. When I turn the Torx bolt the nut under the chassis turns. I am going to remove my bed and do a cab back. Can someone tell me what size wrench fits the nut on the bed bolts? Nine of the Most Popular Torx Plus Sizes for Automotive Applications. GM transmission bell housing bolts, Ford seat belt anchors and Ford pick-up bed bolts. So i’m starting to remove my bed in prep for the new one im getting. I bought a t-50 but it seems too small. everything i search says t-50 is what i n. I removed my bed for paint the other day and out of the 6 bolts holding the bed down only 1 came out with not too much fuss. That’s similar to what I did last time I needed to remove a Ford bed. They have a torx plus head size of TP50: And the captured nuts on the frame: Parts numbers in this thread. Ranger bed removal. Ford Ranger – Mazda B-Series Forum.

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You dont have the old ones?. 81 ford bronco drinks gas 90 mazda mx-5 all original. Bed bolts are likely M12x1.25 thread pitch and a little over an inch long. I make some with a tab welded onto the nut: Or you can use a plain nut and bolt and get a wrench on to top to hold it for tightening.