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99-16 Ford Super Duty OEM F250 F350 Pickup Bed Bolts New Take Off. Ford Ranger Used Bed Body Bolt 4 1/4 Long With Frame Clip 83 up year models. Anyone replace the bed bolts? and what did you use? These torx heads are just a huge pain in the butt, I am considering using regular bolts. These are difficult to find in OEM, and very expensive! These replacements are a little over 1/2 the cost, and better to boot! The bolts feature Allen heads vs.

ford ranger bed bolts 21988 Ranger Can anyone verify what size the bed bolts are? They look like a M12, but what thread? Most of mine are shot, I figure I’ll just use some grade 8 bolts and nuts on the bottom of the rear 4, but I don’t think that will work on the front two bolts. Okay, I’ve been taking apart my 01 F-150 Screw 5.4L 4×4. I was removing the bed of the truck yesterday and started to remove the 6 bolts that hold. I’m trying to get the bed of my 95 ranger, so I can rustolium the frame, but the first bolt I tried to take out I snapped, any suggestions on getting the.

I removed my bed for paint the other day and out of the 6 bolts holding the bed down only 1 came out with not too much fuss. That’s similar to what I did last time I needed to remove a Ford bed. My brothers ranger had them stock but never thought of doing them on my full size. What is the Ford Ranger bed mount bolt torx size? Monday here..all day. All day. Course maybe it is Tuesday since a GMC owner is trolling the Ford section. I’m trying to remove the T50 Torx bolts on a 99 F150 to get the bed off to replace the fuel pump. My Ranger is set up a bit differently, with welded nuts (sorta) on the frame.

Bed Bolts

How hard was it to remove those bolts? I’d like to make my ’94 a flatbed next year but I’m really not looking forward to removing 22 year old rusty Torx bolts. Ok trying to loosen up my bed bolt to install goose ball on truck, So i sprayed all my bolts up good with PB blaster, wd-40, pentrating oil. 1995 Ranger XL 2.3L 2×4 More Photos –Truck –. I want to install one of these bed bolts in my truck bed. The only problem is on the underneath of the bed i cannot access where the bolt would stick through to put the nut on and tighten it down.

Removing The Bed Bolts